VIDEO: Lorenzo Romar Tuesday Briefing - ASU

Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar addressed the media Tuesday ahead of the Huskies' game Wednesday night against the Arizona State Sun Devils. Washington beat ASU in Tempe on January 16th, 89-85.

On how players are feeling physically: Noah Dickerson is still nicked up a little bit. He didn’t practice yesterday. Hopefuly he’s better today.

How is this ASU team different that last time they faced them: It seems that the ball is being spread a little more amongst them.
On the possibility of playing without Noah Dickerson: We’ve had practice with that because of foul trouble. Devenir Duruisseau can come off the bench. Marquese Chriss and Malik Dime could play more minutes.
On whether or not Noah Dickerson could play if the game was tonightI’m sure he would try to go. We would have to find out how effective he would be.
On taking Marquese Chriss out after his first foul: Preventative. If he picks his first foul up five minutes in or so we take him out. Then when he comes back in it’s later into the game before he picks up his second foul.
On second half slips in defense: It’s nothing earth shattering. We have to keep people in front of us. We have to box out. It’s not hard recognizing it, we just have to do it. The penetration that teams are getting and the offensive rebounds they get are contributing to the fouls. 
On the first game against Arizona State: I thought we played hard, but we have a goals board. Each individual goal that you meet, you get a gold ball up there. We didn’t have any after that game. We were good in the first half. We were just okay in the second half. Andrew set the tone offensively in that Arizona State game. 
On where the team needs to grow: Defensively we aren’t where we should be. That’s the biggest weakness in my opinion. I was hoping by now we would be getting it. We’ve been able to sneak by with wins during the process.
On losing second half leads: There’s another factor that comes into play. You’re on the road and the team you’re playing is decent. Unless it’s a complete mismatch, early leads even themselves out as the game goes on. I thought we played good in the first half against Arizona State, but they played good too and it evened out.
On if there’s any advantage in playing a team on the road first and hosting them later: After two thirds of the season we’ve watched them play. We have a general idea of how they play. And they’ve watched us and know how we play. I think any given year a schedule could favor you, but it evens out.
On any team regression mid way through the season: I don’t know if there has been as much regression as teams have gotten better as the year has gone on. And we aren’t where we need to be defensively.
On Dominic Green: It gives us another guy that can make a basket, and gives us another guy with length. He’s a determined defender. He’s not a stopper yet, but he’s working hard. He focuses and picks things up. That’s why he was rewarded with more playing time.
On Dominic Green’s development: He improved in a number of areas. He’s such a good scorer but early in the year our progress would stop because he would look for his shot. Now he’s picking up the team aspect more. We knew he was a scorer, but then when he started to take time on offense and play defense he earned more playing time.
On the recruitment of Dominic Green: We kind of got into the game late with Dominic. We looked at him in July and saw he was well but we were behind Arizona State in the process. When we saw he was available again, we were ecstatic.
More on Dominic Green: He really is. Now he’s gaining his confidence. When that clicks he can do nothing but get better. He’s comfortable playing our way now. He’s playing a lot more relaxed, yet playing hard with intensity.
On the Dawgpack getting back to where it used to be: There is no doubt about it. The USC game when we were down and came back it was loud. Once you start seeing the Dawgpack in the stands 45 minutes before then game you know something is going on. We see nothing but improvement in that. It’s my understanding that we’re near sell out for Saturday for sure. I believe the crowds now are coming. I can just kind of sense it. I’ve been here long enough that I know that there is a buzz around and we welcome that.
On the Dawgpack attendance reflecting the quality of entertainment the basketball team provides: That’s hard to say. I always try to put everything on us first. We produce and they’ll be there. We haven’t had much success. Now things are starting to look up for the team and they’re back. It’s a good thing.
On the glory days of the Dawgpack: I’ve said it before. From ’04-’06 we won more than 30 consecutive games here. Many of those were fueled by the Dawgpack. Classic lines that they chanted towards players. I can go on and on about the chaos they’ve created in the games. Our guys, no doubt they feed of it. I remember guys telling recruits wait until you see the Dawgpack, wait until you play in front of it. There’s nothing like it. Coaches and players on opposing teams would tell us how hard it was to play when the Dawgpack was loud.
More on the Dawgpack: We’ve shown them film of what it’s like. They haven’t gotten to experience it until recently. These have been the biggest crowd any of them have played in front of, even Andrew. He hasn’t had this type of excitement since he was here.
On avoiding fouls: We have to stay away from the touch fouls. We’re tracking a guy down and we get off balance and they jump into us and get a foul. Get out of the way at that point. We have to avoid fouling 30 feet from the basket.
On still talking about how to avoid fouls: I don’t think there is a time we don’t have to talk about it. We always have to address it. You have to constantly talk about that. It affects our ability to defend. We back off subconsciously a little bit. We can’t do that.
On Allonzo Treir playing: Yes. I would love to talk about it, but Arizona State is good. So after that game is over we’ll talk about it.
On if he expected the team to play like this: The encouragement is we were able to learn games while still learning. We’re still learning now but we’re further along. It would be a surprise if we didn’t have a win in conference. We expected positive results from these recruits. A lot of people are surprised by Malik Dime. WE recrtuited him. We knew what he could do. It’s a surprise when they don’t play at the level we expect.
On Malik Dime’s personal qualities that make him play the way he does: For one, he’s a very hard worker and he’s not an excuse maker. If you make excuses you can’t learn. His approach in that regard helps him play the way he does. He’s a tough guy. And he has some tentacles that reach a long way. Top Stories