SIGNING DAY INTERVIEW: Aaron Fuller's Kim Grinolds caught up with Allen (Tex.) Lovejoy WR Aaron Fuller, who signed with the Washington Huskies officially early Wednesday morning.

How are you? “I’m great. A little sleepy, but I’m good.”

What time did you wake up? “Probably around 7-ish. I couldn’t really sleep too much last night.”

How has your morning gone so far? “I woke up, got a couple calls from the coaches. High school coaches and coaches from Washington. They were just pumped, more than I was.”

What was it like signing? “It was a big relief. It was good because the process is over. It was a long process. I was just hoping it went through, and when they called me, it was like good. A big relief.”

Reaction from people there? “Most people are pretty excited for me. There are people that are going to miss me and want me closer, but most of them think it’s a good idea to become my own person.”

When do you plan to come to Seattle? “I think I’ll visit in the spring but when I go there for sure it’ll be around the middle of June, something like that.”

What is UW getting in Aaron Fuller? “They are getting a guy with a lot of effort, goes hard every play, will fight for every ball - stuff like that. A speed guy too, I try and toast everyone who goes against me.”

Wide? Slot? What’s your future? “So far they said I’ll start at the slot until I learn everything and then they’ll shift me around everywhere.”

Have you played slot before? “Yeah. I played it most of my high school career.”

What’s the difference? “For me it wasn’t too much of a difference.”

Return game? “Yeah. They said kickoff or punt return, whatever floats their boat. Personally I like punt returns, but either one is fine with me. I just want to get on the field.”

Major? “I was thinking something in the medical field, like physical therapy or chiropractics. But I’ll probably come in undecided the first couple years, take some internships and see what I really want.”

Looking forward to anything once you get back to UW? “I really haven’t thought about that. I want to go to that Needle (Space Needle). That would be nice.”

Change from Pease to Hamdan “(Pease) was the one that recruited me the most, so we had a little connection. But I knew I wanted to go to Washington and coach Pete - he’s one of the best coaches I know. Overall it wasn’t too big of a factor in my decision.”

Talk to Hamdan much? “Oh yeah. He’s come down quite a few times and we’ve gotten pretty close.”

Mom’s cooking, what will you miss most? “Probably chili or macaroni and cheese. I’m a big mac and cheese guy.”

What’s the plan for the rest of the day? “At 3:30 I’m signing for the crowd. Besides that, nothing much.” Top Stories