SIGNING DAY INTERVIEW: Kamari Pleasant's Chris Fetters spoke Wednesday morning with Etiwanda (CA) running back Kamari Pleasant, who signed his letter of intent with the Washington Huskies.

Thoughts now that you’re a Husky “I’m feeling great about it. Trying to get up there early.”

What time did you get up? Tough to sleep? “I slept pretty good. I had a good night. I got up around 7.”

Talk to the coaches today? “I probably will when I get to school.”

On finishing the recruiting process “I’m feeling great about it. I’m really excited and I feel that I made the right decision and ready to start my next journey to success.”

When is the next time you get to Seattle? “I’m talking to my counselors right now, seeing if I can enroll early in March. If I can’t, I’ll be there June 26th.”

On your untapped potential at RB “My sophomore year I didn’t really play running back, even though I had really played it my whole life. But I didn’t play running back that year. But I didn’t lose a step and it’s my natural position, I feel like. I can succeed at that position.”

Bringing a defensive mentality to the RB position “Of course, because I’m versatile. Me being on the defensive side of the ball is going to bring that savage that some offensive players need.”

Any thoughts for UW fans? “Everybody has been just amazing, I appreciate everyone. Go Dawgs!” Top Stories