Saguaro (Scottsdale, Az.) CB Byron Murphy talks about his decision to commit to UW and signing with the Dawgs

Saguaro (Scottsdale, Az.) CB Byron Murphy shocked many local and national scouts a little over two weeks ago when he chose Washington over Arizona State. He spoke with shortly after signing his letter-of-intent with the Dawgs on Wednesday morning and he talked about his future on the gridiron and possibly the basketball court once he gets to Montlake...

On his basketball team: "Last night we lost to a really good team in our section. Playoffs start next week. Hopefully we can go to the state championship this year. Last year we got put out in the second round of the playoffs. Hopefully this year we can make it to state."

On his game as a basketball player: "I started when I was young, actually before football, because my uncle, Mike Bibby, started in the NBA, he played in the NBA, so I've just been playing basketball my whole life."

On talking to Romar about playing basketball: "I'm signed to play both football and basketball up there."

On choosing UW: "The recruiting process has been very hard, but Washington was the best fit for me. I've actually been down there three times. I camped with coach Lake, going through some of the drills. I had the best connection with coach Lake up there. The connection we had was just amazing. My mom actually used to live up there, I don't remember it, but I lived up there when I was younger, but I just knew in my heart that it was the place for me."

On coach Petersen selling mom: "They have a great relationship. They talk a lot. We talk on twitter, through DM, every day. Coach Pete doesn't just talk about football. He and my mom talk a lot. She loves him and she feels like he has my back and that he's a great guy on and off the field. It's not just about football (with Petersen)."

On him as a football player: "Corner will be the position I prefer to play, but like I said, I will play any position to help the team out even if it's just offense, I'll play offense. If it's defense or special teams, either position, I'll play it to get on the field the fastest and to help my team any way that I can."

On what makes him special: "I'm a very physical corner. Coaches always tell me that my ball skills are the biggest thing about me. I'd say it's my ball skills, I'm a physical corner and I can cover really well."

On the reaction from people in Arizona when he chose UW: "When I made the announcement, there was a lot of negative things people were saying in Arizona on twitter, but I wasn't looking at all that stuff. I was just focused on myself and what was the best opportunity for me. When I made my decision, I was just happy that the people up at UW said I was joining the family and they were excited for me to be up there."

On who he knows on the team: "I know Camilo (Eifler). I know Kevin (King), I know Budda (Baker), I know Sidney (Jones) up there. I know a lot of players up there because I've been up there three times. I got to see how they are and hang out, so I feel comfortable all the time."

On Eifler as a recruiter: "Oh man, he's been texting. He's the funniest guy I know. Just being with him at the Army All-American Game was a blessing because I could feel the connection. He's a good guy and I can't wait to get up there with him."

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