VIDEO: Murray/Andrews Post-Game - ASU

Dejounte Murray and Andrew Andrews spoke to the media post-game, as the Washington Huskies defeated the Arizona State Sun Devils 95-83 in overtime Wednesday at Alaska Airlines Arena. Murray had a double-double, including a career-high 34 points, while Andrews chipped in 13.

Dejounte Murray

On how he’s feeling and his ankle “I mean, I’m feeling good; we got the ‘W.’ I heard my ankle crack and I got out, tightened it, put some tape on it, and just kept going to battle with my team. It was hurting until they taped it. I was just trying to go through. I don’t ever give up. Coaches pulled me out and I had no choice but to tape it and I felt better after that.”


On if he noticed how many points he was scoring “Not really. I was just trying to get the ‘W.’ I was trying to play on the defensive end and then offense and let my game come to me. My teammates believed in me and I believed in them. I really wasn’t worried, just trying to win.”


On personnel or scheme allowing him to score well “I don’t know. I wasn’t in their locker room. I just went out and do what I do and try to do what I do.”

On Rainier Beach beating Garfield and seeing Nate Robinson in the crowd "It's definitely a good feeling and seeing my high school win. I lost the state championship to Garfield, so it was definitely a good feeling seeing them win. I support the U. I support both teams. I just told my Rainier Beach dudes 'don't get comfortable.' We beat them last year too and they ended up beating us later on when it counted. It was great to have Nate (Robinson) here for the first time. If he's here in town he should come a lot.

Andrew Andrews 

On what he thinks offensively when he’s having an off night and Dejounte Murray is playing well “Really, run the same play. I think we try to get us both in the same action, because usually teams key in on either one of us. I said that early on in the year; you wont be able to stop both of us. That’s just not going to happen. Either I’m going to have 30 or (Dejounte Murray)’s going to have 30. Once he gets going I just keep running the same play to be honest. Keep letting him make plays until they want to stop it. If they don’t want to stop it he can have big games.”


On how much the stoppages impacted the game “A bunch. I’m not one to sit up here and talk about the refs – I mean, refereeing is one of the hardest jobs in the world – but something has to change with that being said. There was a lot of complaining on both sides of the benches. I didn’t think it was one sided. I think Arizona State probably felt the same way based on what players were saying on the court. Coach Romar did a good job of telling us to play through it. No matter what it’s still basketball. We still have to play the game. Just don’t let it affect you.”


On the flagrant foul “The dude (Willie Atwood) elbowed me in the face and I was just trying to get back and I elbowed him on accident. But it was the right call I think at that mark.”


On the difference between the first and second half “For us I think it was our defense, and then we started seeing the ball go in. The gym was electric. I think they really keyed us coming back. They got them kind of rattled or whatever at the free throw line. They were making a lot of free throws in the first half and in the second half the building was kind of loud and electric; they started missing. Then we were able to kind of get out and make easy baskets. Baby boy (Dejounte Murray) was going both first half and second half, which keyed us the whole game.”


On his three he made and breaking through a slump “I haven’t shot like that. Usually contested shots I’ll miss. But those ones – I was getting a lot of wide-open shots – I just wasn’t making them. The whole time the coaching staff was telling me to keep shooting, it’s going to drop. When (Dejounte Murray) fouled out, the first thing he said to me was pretty much ‘you have to win this game for us.’ Just hearing that and having the belief of my teammates and the belief of myself, I knew I wasn’t going to miss all my shots. So just keep shooting, keep firing, and let it go.” Top Stories