VIDEO: Lorenzo Romar Post-Game - ASU

Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar spoke to the media after the Huskies overcame a 12-point halftime deficit to defeat the Arizona State Sun Devils in overtime, 95-83, Wednesday night at Alaska Airlines Arena.

Opening statement “They’re a dangerous team because they have so many guys that can make baskets. They did a tremendous job of making baskets in the first half, knocking that three-ball down. The second half, we adjusted in how we were defending and we switched out on the guard (Tra Holder) and it made all the difference in the world. We were over-helping in the first half and they were just finding guys. We were staying home a lot more. Consequently, they shot 31% in the second half. That is a team that is very capable on any given night of winning ball games.”


Was that the best game he’s seen Dejounte Murray play? “That’s his best game so far offensively for sure. While we could not make baskets, he kept us in the game. We couldn’t put the ball in the basket; he kept us in.”


On creating space for Dejounte Murray “Our offense is space the floor. We space the floor. If they don’t pick you up we kick the ball. We practice it all the time. In this particular instance he was able to get there. He’s so shifty with the basketball and he was able to get all the way to the rim. They would bring a guy up to help, but the floor was spaces. So he was able to get by the guy that helped.”


Does he ever have to tell Dejounte Murray to attack? “You never have to tell him to go. And that goes for all of our guys. Again, we space the floor a lot and create opportunities for penetration.”


On playing through foul calls “That played a part in the first half, but again you have to credit Arizona State because another team maybe could have taken advantage of it. At halftime no one had more than two fouls. It was as if we could start with a clean slate almost. It definitely made a difference to have our guys in there. We told Marquese (Chriss) ‘Marquese, when you are in the game it makes our team so much better.’ He goes seven for seven in a game and we’re down three or two and he drives to the rim from the top of the key when it seemed like we didn’t have anything. That was a big play in that game that kept us alive. He just made some big plays for us.”


On Kodi Justice’s three to tie it “That was with 13 seconds left on the clock, before we get into the fouling thing. We had thought about going and fouling right away, because there was only 30 seconds left in the game and 26 seconds on the shot clock. We thought about just fouling right away. But they probably would have fouled us right away and we’re back in the same situation. So we waited. It didn’t quite get down enough for us to foul.”


On Andrew Andrews’ cold streak “I can’t remember a year that Andrew (Andrews) has been here that at some point in conference he hasn’t gone through a mini slump. But, man, when he breaks out of that slump he’s been nails. It wouldn’t be a problem with me at all if he breaks out of it on Saturday. He always comes back from that and he’s nails.”


On what changed in overtime “Well, one, the tempo. Maybe they wore them down a bit, but a lot of their guys had fouled out. They didn’t have anybody to go to down the stretch. We still had virtually starters in the game that were relatively fresh. I think that played a big part.” Top Stories