VIDEO: Andrews/Chriss Friday Briefing - UA

Washington players Andrew Andrews and Marquese Chriss spoke to the media Friday ahead of Saturday's game versus the Arizona Wildcats. Alaska Airlines Arena is expected to be sold out for the first time since the 2012 game versus the Wildcats.

Andrew Andrews

Takeaways from the UA game down there - Played well first half, put ourselves in position, but second half unfolded. 

How tough is it to deal with their size - Dealt with it fine in first half. Second half didn’t stay with it. 

Learn more from what you did right or wrong in that game? - Probably from what we did wrong. What do we need to do to get back on track? We focus on that 

On the crowd and being hyped - Whenever the building is electric we can make a run. We bring our energy but the crowd just adds to it. But a lot of that UA game was also guard penetration. 

On the buzz for this game - Love it. Love everyone supporting us to see a good game. 

On the 2004 game - Don’t know about it. 

Waiting a long time to have a sellout game? - Hasn’t really hit home for me. Just ready to play another game. 

On Trier - Before he got hurt he was their leading scorer. Catch and shoot, can isolate you. Have to be ready. Knowing he’s a capable and willing scorer. 

Are you preparing for him? - We’re preparing for every situation. Especially being from Seattle have to expect he wants to play. 

On scoring slumps and what you did to get out of them - Don’t worry about it. Scoring is just one part of the game. If you try to press it, you get in a bigger hole. It’ll come in time. 

Is it a familiar feeling, so it will pass? - Coach talked about it, every time you go in a slump you really break out of it. That was the first time I thought about it. I know I’m capable. 

Finding it easier to find your time to take over? - Definitely. Also know when someone has it going. For me being a scorer, I know how it looks. Swag is a little different. So I put them in a position to make plays. 

Been a game this year where you and Baby Boy have that look? - sHaven’t yet, but the day we do it’ll be scary. Then we’ve got the guys down low and shooters around us it will be scary.


Marquese Chriss 

On staying in games - Hear it a lot. If can’t get the ball for sure, don’t get it. Foul is a foul, not always agree with it. I can admit it after, but during game fight it. It helps me and the team to go out when I foul. I want to play. It keeps the game going and I can come back in and help. 

Dealing with their size - Played against a lot of good bigs. They are strong and physical. We don’t back down from anyone. When we get fouls we’re not as aggressive. Just have to play a full game of defense and play the game we want to play. Top Stories