VIDEO: Lorenzo Romar Friday Briefing - UA

Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar addressed the media Friday ahead of the Huskies' showdown with No. 23 Arizona Saturday afternoon at Alaska Airlines Arena. UW (15-7, 7-3) is hoping to atone for a 99-67 loss to the 'Cats in the desert back in mid-January. The game will be shown on FOX at 1:30 pm Pacific Time.

UA’s size - It’s a challenge. Playing with two 7-footers and Anderson is playing big. He hurt us at UA. Have to be scrappy and aggressive. Will help to keep the ball out front. 

On the last UA game - Obviously went through second half and sorted out what happened to be better at what we did in the first half. Trier will probably play in this game, which adds another dimension. Going to be even more of a challenge.

With Trier compared to w/o - Lost to them by 30 without him. Seen him on film and they are a tough matchup regardless. Different makeup than anyone else in the league. If Gabe York is on the floor alone, still concerned. PJC hurt us, Allen hurt us, Tollefsen hit threes, and all that was without Trier. Put all that in one package and then add Trier, it’s a different team. 

How have you improved since? - Little bit better with offensive execution and probably more comfortable in individual roles. 

On Trier - Ever since I’ve known him since he was 8-9, he’s been able to score and do things offensively others can’t do. Has always had a passion for the game and that’s still true.

Murray - Didn’t do much yesterday but should be fine.

Noah? - Should be fine.

Local guys adjusting to playing with each other - It’s fine. One way or another, they played with each other before they came to UW. Crisp and Green have played with each other, etc… They played all together in the summer and fall. As a group, they are pretty adaptable. Can play with a lot of different types of players, regardless of the combination. 

On chemistry - Most of the guys were starting from scratch, so we delayed things a little bit not to rush things. Maintained a balance; had to cover the basics but still wanted it to move along. This group is so compliant and willing to do what you ask, it helps when you don’t have to coach effort and fight it. 

Andrews struggling - I don’t think there’s any question teams have been focused on him. Same when Joseph Young from Oregon was leading the league in scoring last year for Oregon. At some point he’s gone through a slump, but when he’s come out of it he’s come out with stellar play. Would be great if he came out of it Saturday. 

On similarities with Justin Dentmon slumping - Andrew has done it before and pulled out of a slump twice. He’s still doing other things that are making an impact. He’s going to break out and do just fine. 

Weariness with him? - Have to go back and look at the other two years. If it was the first time, we’d have to look. But it’s happened before. 

On this game being free flowing or free throw contest? - The way it’s being called, it could be a free-flowing free throw contest. 

On if there’s a ham and egg thing going on with Baby Boy and Andrew with each picking up the slack when needed - Maybe a little bit Noah is scoring more, other guys are scoring more. So it’s now not just on Andrew anymore. It’s great and it helps Andrew. To his credit, he hasn’t totally tried to force things. 

On Andrew getting better and knowing when it’s his time to step up - Knows his game and knows when he’s going to get in that zone. When he gets in that zone, he can roll out 14, 16 points in minutes. Like in the overtime, once he hit the three there it went. If it had gone longer, he would have scored more. And to his credit, he knows Baby Boy was going, so he wanted to call plays for him. Always thinking about what’s best for the team, showed tremendous maturity.

On Baby Boy’s performance - The fact that he took one outside shot and scored 34 points. He ranks right up there with Tony Wroten when it comes to getting to the basket. Baby Boy is so long, he is just shifty too. Tony was probably more straight line. Isaiah and Brandon Roy too. When Gus Williams was in the open court, it was a layup. You knew. And that’s the way we thought he could play. 

Sensing any similarities to the 2004 game? - Yeah. We’re trying to make our mark. UA is established. We’re trying to get over the hump. 

What do you remember from that game besides the Nate Alley-Oop? - Remember that after being OSU, no one thought we’d win another. But then beat WSU and then UA. Going back and watching that game a couple years ago, looked like it was packed but it wasn’t. Only eight thousand. Only noise made during makes until Nate’s play. Then the noise was constant. Then everyone stood up. That alley-oops was a signature statement. That group was going to be special. 

Could a win be another statement? - It could be, but it would be more like order has been restored. We’re heading in the right direction. We have to guard against being too anxious, in a positive way. Thought we were like that in China, so anxious and excited to play. 

On getting the Seattle kids - It’s very important. But it has to be players that can help us win at a high level. But when it works, those guys go back into the community and talk about it. Would be great to have that be a cycle. Sometimes we fell short in recruiting, and that affected us. We decided we wanted guys that really wanted to be here, and we pushed up our timeline to get guys like Marquese Chriss, who has really developed. If you went back and re-ranked guys now, where would he be? He committed to us January of his junior year. 

On the local momentum - We’ve had a few moments recently where it feels like it’s really taking off, not just at moments like being at the Garfield-Beach game. 

On Sean Miller - He hasn’t been one to keep to himself on the road recruiting. We talk and are open about things. Not trying to keep a lot of secrets. I have a respect for what he’s done and how he’s handled himself around me. Top Stories