VIDEO: Andrews/Chriss Post-Game - Arizona

Washington's Andrew Andrews and Marquese Chriss spoke to the media after the Washington Huskies lost to the Arizona Wildcats 77-72 in front of a full house at Alaska Airlines Arena Saturday afternoon.

Andrew Andrews

On losing in front of a sellout crowd “I think it’s just disappointing that we didn’t get the win. I felt like overall game-wise we delivered though. We played a comepletely different game than last time we played them and we took them down to the wire. Just a couple miscues and the game could have been ours. I think as far as fans, we love that they were there and we feel bad that we couldn’t get the win. But I think the effort was there and the energy definitely helped us.”


On what happened after it was tied at 70 and UA went on a 5-0 run “Just a couple miscues. I think when Allen hit the three, that was on me. I left my man trying to go down and help rebound. I thought he was going to go up with the shot. After that we just had to take care of the glass with both of their bigs. 26 rebounds in total, that’s just way too much. Ryan Anderson had eight offensive rbounds. Coach Romar told is second chance points was like 31-14. That’s the game right there. We keep them off the glass then we put ourselves in good shape. I don’t know it’s just tough. Played well enough to get the win, and just a couple bad plays at the end lead to a loss.”


On the end of the second half mirroring the end of the first half “I mean, he’s (Gabe York) is one of the best shooters in our league and you know he’s going to get a couple shots. If you told us going into the game he’d go 7-21 we’re good with that. Big players make big shots and that’s what he did. We just have to roll with the punches. He’s going to make a couple. The ones he hit in the first half were more contested. The last couple we had a hand in face and he just made tough shots. I think we’re alright with those.”


On being satisfied with the effort “No I’m pissed. We played well enough to beat them. That’s Arizona – ranked (23rd) in the country. We’re right there. We had them right to the end of the ropes. Then we had a few miscues. Then the game’s ours. We don’t take any moral victories. We have to take this game and learn from it.”

Marquese Chriss

On keeping Arizona off the glass “I think they’re big and physical. Like he said, it’s unacceptable for one player to match our team offensive rebounds. I just think we have to work harder on boxing out and kind of just keeping big players like that off the boards wherever we’re at; it doesn’t matter if it’s offense or defense. That’s just unacceptable.”


On his development “I think I still need to grow, like my maturity. I think I have to kind of keep my mouth shut at times; I talk too much. I tend to run my nmouth what I don’t need to. I think it hurts everybody and me. I just think I have to do what my team needs me to. I didn’t box out all the time and that led to some of those offensive rebounds. I just think I need to grow in that area and kind of just work a little harder.”


On going against Arizona’s bigs without Noah Dickerson for most of the game “Their bigs are strong and they’re talented. They can see the floor a lot and they know how to get open in the post and kind of get the ball and work their way into the key. Without Noah (Dickerson) in the game I think Malik (Dime) stepped up big time. He helped with the big (Kaleb Tarczewksi). He was kind of our back line getting blocks like he always does. I just think that we learned that there are people who are stronger than us and you have to be physical or else they’re going to hit you first. It’s kind of just get hit or hit them first kind of thing.” Top Stories