VIDEO: Lorenzo Romar Post-Game - Arizona

Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar spoke to the press post-game after the Arizona Wildcats defeated the Huskies 77-72 Saturday afternoon in front of a packed Alaska Airlines Arena.

Opening statement “That’s a tough one to lose the way the people came out, the way the crowd was behind us and backed us. Our guys have been waiting for this for a long, long time. Andrew Andrews, this is the first time he’s played in a situation like this at home. I feel like we let him down a little bit. I don’t think we have to look very farther than the offensive rebound column, mainly Ryan Anderson. He gets eight offensive rebounds and (Kaleb) Tarczewski I believe had three and those might have been in the first half. He (Ryan Anderson) just took the game over on the backboard and I think that was the difference in the game. I thought our guys competed. I thought our guys guarded. I thought our guys played together on defense and worked hard. But here we are without the victory. Give Arizona a lot of credit for going on the road in a hostile environment and finding a way to get it done.


On how to coach avoiding offensive rebounds “Tonight was a little different it was one guy. And he had his way with us. When we were in Tuscon he was very forceful then too. You look at the stats; he had eight and, like I said, Tarczewski three. They had eight offensive rebounds with 11 minutes to go in the game. They had 8 offensive rebounds at halftime if I remember correctly. Because we told out team during that timeout that we were doing a great job boxing out and keeping them off the board up until that point. You do the math and you see what damage Ryan Anderson did down the stretch in the last 11 minutes of that game. There’s the difference.”


On if his defensive style allowed for offensive rebounds “Yeah, but that happens too at times. Over in the big picture – yes, that happens. Sometimes we jump when we shouldn’t. Sometimes we leave a guy there. Sometimes with switches we’ll switch and you’re so accustomed to guarding one guy, now you guard another; a shot goes up and you forget to check him. It’s stuff that we’re constantly talking about. Tonight it was more just a player being determined and he was going to go get the basketball.”


On playing without Noah “That left a big hole, huge hole. Noah (Dickerson) not only is physical, but he scored 17 points in the first game (against UA). We were without his physicality. Malik Dime played more minutes than he has all year, 33 minutes, and he’s not used to playing that way. By the time, down the stretch, he was really tired. No fault to him, just hadn’t been playing that many minutes. If we would have had Noah’s services we could have rotated a little more and kept fresh guys in. I think that might have had something to with Ryan Anderson doing what he did also. Just us being tired at the end.”


On Marquese Chriss “I thought Marquese (Chriss) played a really good game. I thought he worked hard. He’s a work hourse on the board. He made some shots, hit some big shots for us. But I also have to say the same for Matisse Thybulle. I thought Matisse Thybulle had a monster game. Six steals and was just a pest on the defensive end.”


On not yet having that over the hump moment for this team “When you’re climbing back up the mountain, as we are, there comes that point where you’re over the hump and now you have to sustain it. I don’t feel like we’ve got there yet. I think we’re climbing hard though. I think we’re really climbing hard and gaining momentum and I feel like the top is within sight. We didn’t quite get over the hump again tonight. This is a great group and we’re going to come back and fight.”


“I think, in terms of recruiting, they like the way we play; they like our style. Then when you have an atmosphere like you have tonight and it appears like maybe it’s a fun place to play. I don’t mean just in this gym; I mean in this program. We still have to get over that hump. Still have to get over that hump to get to the next level.”


Is this a game where you could have used Matt Atawe and Same Timmins “I’m sure with the physicality. Matt Atawe we couldn’t use, obviously, because of the transfer. Sam Timmins, we agreed Sam Timmins would not be here I don’t think if we wanted him to play. He would have stayed home and played. We thought it would be good for him to come here and just get acclimated – see this, go on the road trips and see how we do things and learn that. If we would have said ‘you’re going to play,’ I don’t think he’d be here. Not only that. Sam’s physicality would help, but Sam would be the first to tell you right now he still hasn’t caught on to what we’re doing, figured it out yet. But there will be a time that stuff like this that went on today won’t happen as much with those guys.”


On what happened after it was 70-70 “Obviously we failed to get stops. There were a few breakdowns down the stretch defensively there. They capitalized on it. That team is – Mark Tollefsen is a fifth-year senior, Ryan Anderson is a fifth year senior, Kaleb Tarczewski has a chance to win more games than anyone in Arizona history, he’s been through the wars. Gabe York, that guy, he’s hit big shots; he’s been around. They have a veteran team out there and down the stretch, every mistake we made they took advantage of.” Top Stories