VIDEO: Matisse Thybulle Monday Briefing

Washington freshman forward Matisse Thybulle addressed the media Monday ahead of the Huskies' Wednesday game at Utah. The Utes defeated UW 80-75 in overtime in Seattle in their only other meeting of the year.

On bouncing back after the loss to UA: Losing is never fun. We have to learn from it and grow from it and not make the same mistakes in the future.

Takeaways from UA game: I played in big games, but never in front of that many people. That was one of the best experiences I’ve had. I hope we have more games like that
On coming back after losses:I think we all have the same mentality when it comes to losing. It hurts. We come out hungry after loses because we don’t want to feel that again. We’re hungry to get these next two.
On how to plan on the road: You have to be solid and stick to your principles. You can’t get caught up with the refs or crowd. Just worry about yourself and your team.
On how he can guard bigger players: I think if you’re working harder than your opponent you can make up for any physical disadvantage. We have some great athletes and special players, but we make up for our lack of size in how hard we play.
On team defense: We just have to trust our defense and trust our principles. We are getting better at trusting our teammates to be in the right spot so we can go and make plays and stop players.
On his defensive game: It’s been something I’ve had to work on at the college level. Guys are as athletic as me now, so I have to out smart players and anticipate. I’m starting to pick and choose my spots. 
On his defensive performance against UA: It clicked for me in how to use my abilities to cause issues for other teams.
On transition dunks: Just hearing the crowd, you can feel the anticipation when you get a steal. When you get the dunk it’s hard to describe. It’s awesome. It comes naturally. Your instincts take over in those situations.
On their last game against Utah: I think that we made a lot of mistakes defensively. They have some good players. We made mistakes in scouts and those hurt us in the long run. If we maintain the defensive aggressiveness we’ve been playing with the outcome will be different this time.
On the defense having the goal of taking opposing offenses out of their system: You could say that. We take teams out of their offenses and cause problems for them. I think that if we play aggressive and play together we can get them out of what we’re trying to do.
On Jakob Poeltl vs. Ryan Anderson: He’s just really solid. If you make any mistakes he’s going go to capitalize. You just have to be as solid as he is. With Ryan Anderson we just didn’t play as hard as him.
On how he can guard posts and guards: The body God gave me. With that I try to do the most I can on the defensive end. I have to make the most of what I have, and being able to guard a big or a guard helps our defense out.
On when the importance of defense clicked for him: My dad told me that everyone scores, but coaches want guys who can guard. I kind of grabbed on to that idea and ran with it because of what I can do physically. Top Stories