VIDEO: Lorenzo Romar Monday Briefing - Utah

Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar addressed the media Monday ahead of the Huskies' Wednesday game at Utah. The Utes defeated UW 80-75 in overtime in Seattle in their only other meeting of the year.

On any big takeaways from last time UW played Utah: I remember we started off really well. We played with energy. We’re long, but they are too. Not unlike last game, they did good on offensive boards. That hurt us in the second half and OT. We would make a run and they remained steady and were able to pull out the victory.

On why UA rebounded that well: Andrew had a rebound against WSU and he pulled down a huge rebound out of pure will. Matisse Thybulle had one like that against Utah. That’s kind of what happened down the stretch. They were able to pull down offensive rebounds. They had a lot of rebounds, but Ryan Andrerson had 8.
On countering Ryan Anderson’s will when rebounding: He’s one of the best rebounders in the league and we have to have that same will.
Why is this road trip the hardest: They’re two good teams. I don’t know if they’ve lost more than two or three games at home this year.
On altitude influencing games: I played in that altitude and the first time we played there guys were saying at the end of the game it got to you. When I played, it hit me at the beginning. But after a few possessions you’re okay. It’s a mental thing. It’s a factor if you let it be one.
On Jakob Poeltl: He’s more active this year. Last year, he played more off Wright. He was also in foul trouble last year, but this year he’s more active and mobile. He’s using those skills more than in the past. You step up and he can pass it. If you are’t organized he’s going to find the open guy.
On how to key in on Jakob Poeltl:When you look at his points, four of them were off of us missing assignments on out of bounds plays and three bad switches. That’s 10 there. He had two baskets in transition. He had six points of of their structured offense. He scored in a variety of ways.
On defense: It’s like anything else. If we play a packed defense and there are breakdowns, then there are flaws in switching. If that defense is executed flawlessly the result it better. If we were playing zone or man, breakdowns cause you to be ineffective. I think our breakdowns are diminishing though. I think we played as good defense against Arizona as we’ve played this year.
On adding in some zone because the team has progressed enough to handle it: Yeah. Sure. We did do that. We played several zone possessions. Near the end of the half we were supposed to be in zone and we forgot and York got open for a three. For the most part when we went to zone we forced a turnover or bad shot. As this team begins to mature, maybe we can add some more things here. We talked about the balance of moving on and being patient. We don’t want to be a jack of all trades and master of none. I think we’ve made strides recently.
Are you excited to see how the players respond to high stakes games coming up? Each day is a new day. I think the stakes were high against Arizona and I think our guys did really well. We left about 10 points out there with bad shots and turnovers. We had them stopped sometimes and bailed them out with fouls. But I thought our guys did well. We didn’t win but we approached it the right way. I have no reason to believe step back when facing high stakes.
On chemistry: I think it has been good. Whatever reason, no matter where they are from, all these guys fit together.
On lowest point in terms of spirits this year: Maybe after the Bahamas when we lost two in a row there. I think we responded the next game against Charlotte. Guys were down and we had to make a quick turnaround. They responded well. There are highs and lows and we have to keep guys going, but this group has been special that way and we havent been down long.
On when players start to get discouraged: When you first stop practicing, everyone wants to conquer the world. But then you don’t play as much or get as many shots as you’d like or maybe you don’t help the team as much as you want and you lose. That’s when you start to lost chemistry a little bit, but that didn’t happen with this group.
On Noah Dickerson not playing as many minutes changing the game: It played a huge part. I heard some comments that Sean Miller made about Trier. He didn’t score much but his pretense was felt. Noah is our most physical big man. Not having him in there took a little away, but you need to find away.
On Noah Dickerson recovering: Just playing Saturday, we haven’t been together, so we won’t see him until practice today.
On Noah Dickerson fouling more because he can’t move as well with his injury: I don’t know if that’s the case. Just a bad day at the office in terms of staying on the floor.
How are the kids doing adjusting to conference play schedules? So far so good. If the practices were as long as they were earlier, then we might be tired, but we try to keep their legs and minds fresh as the season goes on.
On foul trouble allowing more players more minutes: I don’t know. I don’t know if that benefit outweighs the guys that should be in there. We missed Noah, and we are a different team when Chriss is in the game. He does it all. But he’s been in foul trouble. The benefit of guys getting more minutes doesn't out way having him in the game.
Was there an inconsistency in how the UA game was called compared to the ASU game or did ASU just foul less: Maybe the latter. Maybe Arizona State didn’t foul as much. I don’t know if you could make that case.
On how officiating alters flow: Maybe it just takes time to kick in I guess. I don’t know if we have a direct flow with as many fouls are being called.
Are the officiating trends from Husky games similar to other games in the PAC-12? Pretty similar. The officials are doing what they are supposed to do. I do wish there was a way to check the monitor quicker.
On Markell Fultz coming to watch the AU game: He had been dying to come see a game. The beauty of Markell Fultz, he is so bought in to Washington basketball. I think he just decided he had to get out here. It was a good game for him to come here, I wish we had won it.
On Markelle Fultz: There’s a mystique about him because he’s not from here. You hear about what he’s doing and you just wonder ‘we want to see him play.’ There was a similar excitement for guys like Wroten and Murray, but you could see him play in high school. You can’t with Fultz because he’s not here. He liked the recognition he got form the Dawg Pack.
On Utah: They play a methodical percentage-type game. They change defenses, but they don’t pressure a lot. They make you shoot over them. They try to dictate the tempo and play inside out. They have Poeltl and guys around him, and also guys like Kyle Kuzma. They have a nice mix in what they try to do. Top Stories