2018 Bothell (Wa.) QB Jacob Sirmon talks about his commitment to UW, recruiting and also his offseason workouts so far

Fully healed up from an injury, 2018 Bothell (Wa.) QB Jacob Sirmon, who committed to Washington back in December, talked about his offseason including why it's so important for him to get mental reps as much as it is the physical reps...

On his current height and weight: "6'4, 205."

On his injury: "I strained my back through the season. Lot's of repetitions. Just taking it easy this offseason."

On getting the mental reps: "That's one of the most crucial things, especially for me in this game. A lot of the physical aspects I can work with, but the biggest separation is in the mental game and so the more you know about the defenses and the coverages and the schemes, the quicker you can analyze that, it opens up so many more avenues where you can hurt the defense, so it's opened my eyes to how much more I can grow and expand in that area."

On how many Husky games he went to this past fall: "I went to as many as I could, probably three or four, maybe even five, just talking to the coaches, getting on the sidelines and getting familiar with the staff and the players and I just love it. The family aspect there, there's just no place I'd rather be."

On his relationship with Jonathan Smith: "Coach Smith's awesome. I really like him. I've been down for chalk talks and quarterback meetings and the way he runs it and coaches the quarterbacks I connect with him really well. I think we have a lot of similar viewpoints on the quarterback's role and mechanics and throwing and the mental apsects of the game. Really getting a connection and building a relationship with him has been awesome."

On if schools are still recruiting him even though he's committed to Washington: "There's been a few. Oregon is always sorta in the picture. My uncle (Peter Sirmon) just took the defensive coordinator job at Mississippi State, but that's more just family bonds, I don't know if anything will come of that."

On which schools have offered: "Washington, Washington State and Nebraska."

On him turning into a recruiter even though he still has two full seasons left in high school: "Connor Wedington, I was really pumped for him (to commit to Washington). I'm still trying to get my cousin, Jackson Sirmon, down in California, he's a 2018 linebacker that has an offer, so yeah, it's fun seeing these buddies of mine with offers or getting offered, trying to get them going with me in this trend of going to Washington. It's so fun to see guys who are getting offers committng and we're building on this bond that we have had before this and now it can continue on through college and that's something special."

On camps this spring and summer: "The regional Elite 11, of course all of the Washington camps, my Bothell team will be in several 7-on-7 tournaments and there's a lot more out there, but I'm not really sure on those."

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