VIDEO: Andrew Andrews Wednesday Briefing

On Wednesday, Washington senior guard Andrew Andrews spoke to the media ahead of Thursday night's 'Black Out' game versus California.

On the lesson learned this road trip: We have to play all 40 minutes. Both games we had one good half and one bad half. We have to play a complete game”
On learning lessons about the importance of each possession and how three possessions a game can make a big difference: I think we’re starting to pick it up well. We’re starting to see how much it means to keep getting better to stay on top of the conference.
On learning from the three game losing skid: The only way you learn those lessons is going through them. I think that’s the best way for us.
On recent trouble rebounding: I think coming out early we were one of the rebounding teams in the country. We just haven’t boxed out and have tried to rely on athleticism. The switching has never killed us in rebounding. It’s just getting back to boxing out.
On getting physically dominated against bigs Ryan Anderson and Jakob Poeltl: Definitely. We have to be more sound defensively. Besides the Arizona game at Arizona we’ve been in every game. It’s about the little things. On offense we have to take care of the ball and make other teams play defense.
Are defensive issues focus or being out matched physically? I think it’s both. Sometimes you can mentally check out because you’re sidetracked by something else. We have to pay attention more down the stretch.
On preparing for the final five games: It hasn’t felt any different. Any game I try to come out and win. We just try to come out and win every game. We’re going hard in practice and intensity is a lot higher.
On teams focusing in on stopping younger guys like Dejounte Murray: Now it’s been a point where each game someone else steps up. Matisse and Marquese carried us against Colorado. Dominic Green has stepped up. If they want to scout and take out one guys some one else will step up.
On Cal: They’re an interesting team. They have guys that can beat us off the dribble. A play can break down and they can still beat us one on one.
On how to play Cal: That’s tough because they’re playing so well. You can’t point to one guy for them, you have to play them solid.
When is it time to take risks versus time to slow things down? I think it’s about time management. We’ve gotten to the time when we know we cn be reckless and when we can’t. I think that’s the biggest point. We need to know our strengths and do what we are capable of doing.
On the importance of this home stretch: This is the most important home stand this year. It’s been hard to win on the road this year, so we need to take advantage whenever we can at home. Top Stories