VIDEO: Marquese Chriss Wednesday Briefing

On Wednesday, Washington forward Marquese Chriss spoke to the media ahead of Thursday night's 'Black Out' game versus California.

On improvement personally and as a team: I think I’m more comfortable. We’re playing efficiently but not for the whole 40 minutes. If we play like that for 40 minutes we’ll have the results we want.
On how he’s benefited from avoiding fouling: I feel like being on the floor I can produce more. Not fouling out as much has let me become more productive.
On his role: I think my job is help rebounding and score when around the basket. I can also come out to the mid range and help the guards get space to score.
On bigs like Ryan Anderson or Jakob Poeltl having their way with UW recently: It bothers me, but I think that’s sometimes going to happen because we don’t have a center. We play three or four forwards at a time. We have to be physical and not let anyone take advantage on the boards. We have to take it more personally.
On rebounding: I think it’s difficult at times because we rely on our athleticism instead of boxing out. We need to keep them from getting to the ball instead of trying to out jump them.
On working on boxing out: We’ve been working on box out and rebounding drills just to focus on getting better on it.
On knowing when to go for a block and when to avoid a foul: With basketball you’re going to get scored on. You need to notice the times that you can’t block a shot without fouling so it’s not worth going after. I think a lot of it is discipline that we can build on because we need players to be in the game as long as they can. There are points where coach tells me he needs me and I can’t foul. We just have to tone it back and play solid defense.
On the home stretch of the season: We need to focus on each game. If we win each game we’ll end up where we want to be.
On how this year compared to his expectations: We exceeded my expectations. We came together quicker than a lot of people fast. We had ups and downs but we matured fast.
On preparing for the last five games: I feel every opponent is the same. I don’t think of them different because of their age or anything. I want to win every game.
On the increasing stakes of each game: Yeah. Obviously we know more is at stake but we need to take each game at a time. We can’t focus on how a win or loss will affect our standing.
On not listening to bracketology and other outside noise: I think it just has to do with focusing and drowning out the noise and focusing on what we have to do. Top Stories