VIDEO: Lorenzo Romar Post-Game - California

Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar addressed the media Thursday night after the Huskies lost a heartbreaker to the California Golden Bears 78-75 in front of an announced crowd of 7530 at Alaska Airlines Arena.

Opening statement “Very disappointing loss. I think that goes without saying. I thought we did a lot of thingstonight that would allow you to win a ball game. I thought we did a better job guarding. They beat us on the backboard but I thought we did a better job on the backboard. We miss a lot of easy shots. We couldn’t get that ball to go in the basket. We can talk about frère throws, but they didn’t do a very good job at the foul line either. That was kind of a wash. We just couldn’t put the ball in the basket. Some of that had to do with their size. They’re big around the rim. There were also a lot of them that we had that if we had them again those shots would go down.”


On bench scoring “That’s an advantage to them. Our bench is usually something we can count on. We just didn’t have it tonight. We brought Noah (Dickerson) off the bench; that’s a starter. You’re bringing in two guys that are all league potential though; you’re talking about Tyrone Wallace and Jordan Matthews. I don’t think we can really gage that. Those guys did come off the bench and you’re talking about some high level veterans coming off the bench. That’s pretty good for them that they have the luxury to be able to do that.”


On Malik Dime starting “We had come up short in a few games and we decided to mix some things up. Malik (Dime) always gives us a lot of energy and he’s number two in the league in blocked shots, one of the best shot blockers in the country. We decided to go with him in the beginning and I thought he started out really well. I thought he played really good until he picked up a couple of fouls. He had to sit down.”


On being four or five possessions from winning in each loss “We’re going to have the same message the next game we play. We’re doing a lot of things that can help you win, but we go through these periods. I thought tonight we put together a better effort to come up with a victory; there are just little things. We’re going to make mistakes. I thought there were a couple of times we made mistakes. A couple of times we gave up penetration. But we turned the ball over seven times; we hold them to 39% from the field; we did some good things. Tonight we couldn’t make shots. Of all games when we start to do some things right, tonight was the night we couldn’t put the ball in the basket.”


On rebounding and boxing out “I thought we did a better job. That team is huge. They have athletes. They outrebounded but there were a lot of missed shots on our end. They had 12 offensive boards; we had 13. We had more second chance points than they did. I thought we did a better job. It wasn’t stellar but we made progress. That’s what we want. I thought we made progress in all of the areas that we’ve been talking to our team about this week.”


On where the team is at mentally “Probably shocked. Probably shocked that we’re going through this stretch right now. I have sensed in the last week, especially this week, as tentative as our guys were before, we’re even more tentative more. I think the guys are really looking and saying ‘okay, what do we need to do to turn this around?’”


On how much margin for error there is for getting an at large bid to the NCAA tournament “We’ve lost our margin for error, yes. We have to bring it. We don’t have very many opportunities to go out and not come out on top right now in order to get an at large bid. It’s still there; it’s still within sight. But we can’t make many mistakes.” Top Stories