VIDEO: Lorenzo Romar Friday Briefing - Stanford

On Friday, Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar addressed the media ahead of their Saturday afternoon game versus the Stanford Cardinal. The game, to be played at Alaska Airlines Arena, starts at 5 and can be seen on the Pac-12 Networks.

On what stood out about last night: We played pretty good defense. We made an effort to box out. At times we allowed them to reach over us, but for the most part we did a better job. We had more second hank point than them. We talked about rebounding, keeping in front of people, taking care of the basketball and making better decisions. I thgouth we improved in those areas

Was last night the best defensive effort this year? No. I think Arizona here was a really good defensive effort. We can’t complain about the effort we had last night. They have two all conference caliber guys coming off their bench. They have some guys that are explosive. WE did a good job of guarding them.
On how to encourage Matisse Thybulle after having a chance to tie it yesterday with free throws: We have not been in this position with Matisse before, but I imagine he’ll move forward and find away to help us. He’s going to want to make up for it in his mind. There was so much more that made a difference in this game. He’s not the first and isn’t the last that has been in that position.
On Stanford: They play very hard. They play more of a methodical style, don’t get up and down a lot. Rosco Allen is playing well for them. Humphries is an emerging star in this league.
On Johnny Dawkins: His teams are usually hard nosed. They usually play hard.
Will a high scoring game favor Washington? I don’t know. What will favor Washington is if we do a lot of what we did last night. Maybe we made free throws or hit threes yesterday and we would have won, but we didn’t. I like our chances if we play like we did last night in most circumstances.
Does focusing on one end of the floor take away from the other end? Usually when you lock in defensively it carries over for us because you’re focused. Last night, shots didn’t fall. We were shooting 75% from the line in conference play, they just didn’t go in yesterday. I think Cal’s size bothered us. They’re a good defensive team. Shots didn’t go in.
On struggles in tight games: There’s no question you try to analyze it. It’s one thing to identify a problem, and another to fix it. We have seen that there is a pattern that if we’re down we close the gap to  one or two. When we have leads we tend to give them up. It’s for the same reasons. We have analyzed it and worked on it. If you look at how we handled the things I’ve mentioned to you last night, I think we’re doing a better job. If we shoot better from the free throw line it’s a different story. We made progress, just didn’t get the win.
Was this the type of stretch you were afraid of when warning people not to get too excited about early success in conference play? That’s exactly what I was talking about. We were pulling games out, but a lot of those it was because someone had a great night. Sooner or later if things didn’t fall our way or impose our will then we weren’t doing the things necessary to win at a high level. Our decision making wasn’t great, we were giving up blow byes, and we weren’t getting wins. Even though we lost, we progressed in those deficiency.
Is the conference still as tight as you thought earlier? I still think that. You look at position in our league and there’s not a lot of separation. The deck seems to be reshuffled every week. Arizona, Cal, and Utah are playing really well right now. Stanford beat Oregon. It’s reshuffling now and could reshuffle again.
Is Saturday a must win game? Seems like they’ve been must win games forever. I think what you’re playing for changes. One time we were playing for conference championship hopes, now it might be for the postseason. We have to improve in the four areas we’ve talked about. It’s not an option not to. Those are musts. That’s how we look at it.
On Malik Dime starting: Malik did a fine job. He got winded after a few minutes. He gave us energy and did a nice job.
Will Malik Dime start tomorrowWe’ll go the same way. If he hadn’t picked up his second foul early he could have helped us more. I thought Noah played well too.
On what factors into choosing a lineup: I think the five guys that make you the best team at the beginning or the end, regardless of position, are the guys you put in there. Just this time in the year we decided to make a change. I thought they both played well last night.
On the bench not contributing much last night: We had been getting that. I thought Noah provided something for us. Our bench has helped us win games this year. We would anticipate that being the case as the season goes on.
On David Crisp’s recent cold spell: I think David needs to play like he knows he belongs. David hasn’t shot the ball as well, and he was a big part of what we were doing early. He needs to regain his confidence and go out there like he belongs.
Can a missed layup, like the one David Crisp had against Cal, shake a young players confidence: It can. Sure it can. Everybody is different, but it can do that.
Is this Andrew Andrews’ time? Andrew hit two big threes at the end to bring us back. He wasn’t able to knock his shot down as much, but he competed last night. I see him looking at this as down the stretch and his last hurrah. He competed like there was a lot on the line and I was proud of how he approached the game.
Is last night’s seven turnover performance indicative of players settling in to the fast-paced offense: We will allow 12 or 13 turnovers. With turnovers, if you have nine the whole game and turn it over three times in the last two minutes, that’s bad. I am okay with 12 or 13 turnovers, we had seven. We took care of the ball well.
On shot selection: As long as we’re taking good shots. It’s only bad when we rush contested shots. That’s what we’re talking about with decision making. But if we can take shots before the defense is set, that’s great.
On Stanford last year: Last year was Stefan Nastic, Anthony Brown, and Chasson Randle. Those guys were seniors last year and they were threats. They were better than us last year. Top Stories