VIDEO: Murray/Andrews Post-Game - Stanford

Washington players Dejounte Murray and Andrew Andrews spoke to the press post-game after the Huskies defeated Stanford 64-53 Saturday night at Alaska Airlines Arena.

Dejounte Murray

On attacking the zone before it was set “It was really important. Like you said, they can’t get back and set up. That’s what we do in practice when we go over scout and stuff. Coach tries to tell me if I get the rebound to break out as fast as I can and get down. And same with Andrew. Every time I got the rebound I look to make sure I have a lane. I had lanes so it was important.


On how he decides when to attack “Just move the ball and try to get through the gaps, whatever’s open. That’s what we did. That’s what our captain (Andrew Andrews) did tonight. He didn’t really care about scoring, as you can tell, and he was facilitating the whole game.”


On his last dunk capping his big night “There was still a minute left. I wasn’t going to get it and pull it back down and wait for everybody to get back.”

Andrew Andrews 

On Stanford’s unique zone “Just their way of slowing down the game. They’ve been doing it that way the whole season. They average like 60-something points, so they like to play slow tempo. I don’t think it was their defense; I think it was more so our defense that slowed the game down. We made them have the ball for the whole shot clock and have a lot of shot clock violations. I think it was a little bit of their zone and our defense.”


On a sense of relief after ending a losing streak “I think the panic was with the media. We weren’t worried at all. You look at our games. We lost to Colorado on a buzzer beater. We come back and lose to Cal in a heartbreaker by two points. Arizona, we had them down on the ropes. There wasn’t one single game in that losing streak that we weren’t in the game and didn’t have a chance to win. We wrote down on the board a couple mistakes that we made and we knew that we had to adjust to get back on track. WE played a full gametonight and we’re ready to go down to Oregon State.”


On something that clicked on defense today “It wasn’t even today, if you look back at the Cal game we played great defense. Offensively we weren’t there for that game. I think the defense carried over from that game and we can just keep getting better from there. I think today wasn’t like ‘oh my gosh, the Huskies played defense.’ We played defense against Cal and it transferred over today.” Top Stories