VIDEO: Murray/Andrews Tuesday Briefing - OSU

On Tuesday, Washington players Dejounte Murray and Andrew Andrews met the press and gave their thoughts on Oregon State, playing zone two games in a row, their defense, and less practice as the Huskies get ready to travel to Corvallis to play the Oregon State Beavers Wednesday night.

Andrew Andrews

On his knee: It’s good. It’s getting better.
Did his knee bother him in the game against Stanford: It wasn’t too bad. Just trying to explode off it was in my mind a little bit. We spent a couple hours before getting it ready for the game and it felt okay.
On takeaways from the tape against Stanford: I didn’t watch the game yet. There was nothing to take away from it. We have to play the same defense we’ve been playing.
On playing in back and forth games recently and using defense to come out on top: All of our games have been like that besides preseason. All of our games have been back and fourth. The hardest part was adjusting to the zone on the fly. Then we attacked it and started playing better.
On difference between OSU zone and Stanford’s zoneI think so and the fact that Stanford’s line up was so big. Oregon State isn’t as long on the wings. Having that look against a less long team will help us out a lot.
On practices being shorter: Practices were longer earlier because coaches were teaching. Now they aren’t as much so practices are shorter. They’re high intensity because of how short they are. It helps our wind a little mire.
How do you encourage struggling teammates: Just tell them to keep shooting. You always have to have support. Everyone goes through a rough stretch. We have to encourage them to shoot more.
On Gary Payton II: He does everything. He’s leading them in points, blocks, steals, and rebounds and all of that. He can do everything.
On heading down back to his home state of Oregon: It’s just another road trip. I don’t look into going back home that much. It’s not a big deal for me.
Do you have family in Oregon? Yeah.
Have you watched any OSU this year: Is saw a couple games because I’m close to Gary Payton II.
On why OSU is so much better at home.I don’t have an answer to that. They always seem to play well at home. We have to just go in their and play well on the road.

Dejounte Murray 

On OSU’s zone after Stanford’s zone: If you think about it, teams zoned us before Stanford but their zone was the best we’ve faced. We can’t let that stuff stop us. We practice zone and man every day. I think we’ll be alright as a team.
On beating a zone: I don’t think it’s too hard if you move the ball around and that’s been our focus. That’s what we try to do.
On the quality of shots the team has taken recently: I feel like we’ve been getting really good shots. We’ve been playing good defense but couldn’t get the ball in the last couple of games. I think we’ve been getting good shots though.
On poor shooting recently: You miss some and make some. Everybody has to keep shooting.
On going on the road to face OSU and Oregon: I’m just ready to hoop and get a win with my team. I just feel like it’s another game we can get better. Top Stories