VIDEO: Lorenzo Romar Tuesday Briefing - OSU

On Tuesday, Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar met the press and gave his thoughts on Oregon State, Tres Tinkle, Gary Payton II, improved defense, and getting work done despite less practice as the Huskies get ready to travel to Corvallis to play the Oregon State Beavers Wednesday night.

On Andrews’ knee: He’s fine. Good to go. He practiced fully.

On pulling out a win without making many shots: It was huge. We always talk about being able to pull a game out without the ball going in. We did a lot of good things to allow us to win, but eventually we have to put the ball in the basket.
On the defensive performance against Stanford: I thought we were very cohesive. Our guys were active. We played 40 minutes which is something we’ve wanted to do. If you take away the Utah game, we’re allowing only 39% field goal percentage in the last six games and forcing a lot of turnovers during that stretch.
On not playing Oregon State and Oregon until this are in the season: It is interesting. I don’t remember since we’ve gone into the PAC-12 format that we’ve gone this long without playing someone.
On the challenge of playing OSU:At home OSU is much more difficult to play against. They have a great atmosphere and they play with confidence at home. 
On OSU defense: They have a number of different defenses in their package. They play that zone quite a bit. They like to slow you down and sometimes play a 3/4 press, but like to play that zone.
On improving against zone offense: I thought in the second half against Stanford our guys did great against the zone.
On Dejounte Murray’s skill set against the zone: Very helpful. David Crisp and Andrew Andrews also penetrated in the zone. When that happens guys like Noah Dickerson and the other bigs should receive the ball more in the teeth of that zone. I think attacking the zone worked well for us in the second half against Stanford and it will need to work for us in the future.
On difference between OSU and Stanford zone: They don’t play with as much size in the front. And they match up a little more than Stanford does.
On recent struggles: There’s a point to where you can have tired legs and that’s not a freshman wall. We did no contact in practice yesterday, just shooting and passing drills and things like that. We’re tying to get our guys fresher. We’re taking these couple of days to get the legs back.
On not making shots: I want to say we need to get even more open shots. I think there were a couple shots where there weren’t people within 10 feet of the shooters. Our guys aren’t trying to miss, it’s just something we’ve gone through that the past few games. Earlier in the games we won down the stretch we hit shots. A few games we;ve lost if we hit shots late we would have won. We have to get back to that.
On yesterday’s practice being like a practice in the postseason:Yesterday was more like that
On practicing with less contact: I think there’s a balance because if that’s all you do you get out of rhythm. I think you have to do a little bit of both. Earlier the practices were two and a half hours. Now they’re about an hour and fifteen minutes.
Do you spend more time watching film or doing meetings after shorter practices: Yeah, and shooting. When you sit in film you need to pay attention. If you don’t go hard in drills we’ll be on you. You have to have concentration when our team meets together. So sometimes we lay off them a little on that because it can weigh you down mentally. I think that can get to young players.
On how Malik Dime has done starting and what’s different about his game: Nothing different. We’re happy with what he’s doing. He’s improved on guarding the ball and rotating on defense. That has been really helpful for us and our defense.
On the importance of this game against OSU: There’s no question. With three games left, they’re all big.
Comparing this team to the rest of the country: I think that’s more Ashley’s job. I used to do that for NBA teams and college teams in high school. Now that I’m coaching that’s way to much to be worried about. We’re more focused on attacking zone and boxing out and those things.
On talking about postseason with his team: I’ve thought about that quite a bit. We talk big picture now and then, but we’ve been consistent about talking about the task at hand. You don’t want to overwhelm players with one game. The guys will here that enough. We try to limit it to this is what we have to do to be the best we can be. Then we can control our destiny. That’s the message we try to send.
On the time off between the OSU game and the UO game:We actually will go to Oregon State and we’ll come back after the game. It seems like two different games instead of one road trip.
On takeaways from last years’ meeting with OSU: I dont think we can take anything from any game from last year. It’s like taking a whole different team. It’s a lot different from last year. We had such a different group of personnel. It’s hard to compare.
On OSU’s improvement from last year: Tres Tinkle is maybe one of the most under appreciated freshman in this league. Tinkle is really good. He’ll be a star in this league. Stephen Thompson Jr is good. Drew Eubanks blocks shot. This is a different group and they have better shooters from last year. It’s all directed by Gary Payton II
On Gary Payton II: Him and Delon Wright from Utah last year are different, but both of them you can’t do anything to stop them from what they’re doing. Nate Robinson was like that too. Payton comes from nowhere and blocks shots. He has such quick hands. He traces guys with break aways. He comes up with intangible plays. You can’t stop that from happening. He doesn't get rattled. He plays at his own speed. That’s a gift. Top Stories