POST-GAME VIDEO: Lorenzo Romar - OSU

Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar was very pointed in his comments Wednesday night after the Huskies were defeated at the buzzer 82-81 by Oregon State in Corvallis.

Opening - “Great job by Oregon State of getting it done. They were really good offensively in the first half. They were shooting at a high percentage. We settled down in the second half and did a better job defensively. We gave ourselves every opportunity to win the game, but we didn’t get it done.”

On not switching sometimes in the second half - “We were mixing it up. We did a number of things; we trapped the ball screener at times, we didn’t switch at times. We just tried to mix it up.”

On the last shot by Thompson - “The main thing is that we did not want them to get a running start. And they got a running start and they caught the ball. We just wanted to keep them in front. Dejounte contested the shot as well as you can contest a shot. He did a tremendous job. (Thompson) hit a leaping leaner, 21 feet out.”

On Thompson traveling before the final shot - “He traveled. But they didn’t call it.”

On Andrew Andrews raising his game after the third foul call - “Andrew played exceptional tonight. Would loved to have seen him in his home state get a win here, but we came up a little short.”

On the mood of the locker room - “You can probably guess. I don’t think they are jumping up and down with excitement, that’s for sure. It’s a tough loss. A tough loss.”

On the last shot not necessarily being the sole determinant for the game - “The second half I thought we did a really good job. We made shots tonight. They beat us, they pounded us on the backboard. We made shots. They shot 29 percent in the second half. We did a lot of things, again, that would allow you to win a ball game. But we don’t have anything to show for it.”

On if there was a thought to maybe foul before the last shot - “It was two points. With three seconds, they had to bring the ball up the length of the floor. We didn’t execute totally the way we should have.”

On Thompson - “He hit a big shot. He’s done that before this year, against Utah. Made a couple free throws. He’s a freshman, but he hits big shots. Again, I thought we played well enough to win the game, on the road. We didn’t finish it.” Top Stories