POST-GAME VIDEO: Dejounte Murray - Oregon

Washington freshman guard Dejounte Murray met with the press after the Huskies lost to Oregon 86-73 Sunday in Eugene. Murray scored 20, had two rebounds, two assists and two steals on the night.

How hard it is to keep having these games where you can’t get over the hump? - “It’s not hard. As long as we fight I don’t care if we win or lose. As long as we work hard I’m proud of this group of guys and we’ve just got to keep going. It’s not over. It’s definitely a big game, but we fell short to a good team.”

Difference in the second half when you were able to cut the lead to six - “Couldn’t get over that hump, couldn’t get it to a one-possession game or take the lead. We just couldn’t. We tried. We fought.”

Did their zone take away from your ability to push tempo and create on offense? - “I don’t feel like it did. Me and Andrew handled the pressure well and he had eight assists. As a group we did what we were supposed to do; we just couldn’t stop them on the defensive end.”

On Andrews’ last two games - “He’s playing as a leader, a captain, point guard. I know what he’s capable of, so I’m not surprised. He’s playing really well, getting people involved and letting his game come to him, not forcing anything.”

How hard has the Pac-12 schedule been? Is it what you thought it was going to be? - “I definitely didn’t know it was going to go…whatever our record is now. Definitely want to win; everybody wants to win. But that comes with it, win or lose. I feel like it’s going pretty well, just can’t get some wins. We just have to keep looking forward. We can’t look at the past, like this game. It’s over.”

What did Oregon do well tonight? - “They killed us on the glass. At one point I looked up and they were beating us 30-18 on the boards. And second chance points, our turnovers…they did what they were supposed to do, I guess. And they got the win.”

The difference between the team that went 5-1 to start and the team now - “Still the same team. Like I said, there ain’t no team that really blew us out. We fought every single team except for that game at Arizona when we gave up in the second half. Other than that, ain’t no team blow us out. We started out 5-1 and I don’t know how we’re finishing up, but we’re still the same team. We’re still going to come out and play hard and stay together.” Top Stories