POST-GAME VIDEO: Lorenzo Romar - Oregon

Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar met with the media after the Huskies lost to Oregon 86-73 Sunday night in front of a sold-out Matthew Knight Arena in Eugene.

On the game - “Elgin Cook, in his last game here, was very good. Him and Dillon Brooks, they did a phenomenal job. They got the win, so give them a lot of credit.”

On the first minute of the second half - “There were a couple crucial times. The first minute of the second half; also later on we came back and we turned it over and put them on the line. There were certain times in the game where we let our guard down and they took advantage of it, which is what good teams really do. They take advantage of your mistakes.”

On rebounding issues - “They had three second-chance points at the half. Three. And they had 14 in the second half. Obviously that helped them and hurt us.”

On Oregon’s home winning streak and if that provided them a spark - “If you want to talk about emotion, finishing at home with an undefeated slate, this is senior night for them, they are playing for first place - they had a lot of things to be emotional about and to play for. 

“We had, knowing that if we could somehow pull this game off we’d have a better shot at making the (NCAA) Tournament with an at-large berth. So yeah, they had a lot of things going for them emotionally. This is their home floor, and obviously they play very well, but again - I applaud our guys for fighting the way we fought.”

Given how you started Pac-12 play, how disappointing is it knowing an at-large bid is off the table now? - “The most disappointing thing for me is what I continue to say - we have made improvements and don’t have the wins to show for it. That’s the most disappointing thing. We’ve gotten better. But if you just look at the scores and look at it from a distance, you can’t tell some of the things that we’re doing better even when we were 5-1. Other teams have gotten better too.”

Didn’t look like there was a hangover from Wednesday’s one-point loss - “No. I was asked about it and I didn’t think we would. These guys are awesome. They came right back in this environment, with all this at stake, and really worked.”

Andrew Andrews and turning it on the second half - “He really did. He did a tremendous job of keeping us in the game. He had eight assists. He was able to handle their pressure, make good decisions with it. He did a great job.”

On Oregon’s 54 percent shooting - “Some of those were, like I said - we didn’t turn it over a lot, but some of them were crucial to where they went down and scored on them. The offensive rebounds, the put-backs, talked about how many points they had on that. And a couple times they just made athletic plays where they drove around us.”

On the extended zone - “The thing is, if we get them to miss they don’t get to set up in that, but they shot over 50 percent so they were able to set up in it quite a bit. I thought our guys did a pretty good job. We had one big turnover in the second half, but a decent job of handling it. We weren’t able to really, really attack it as much as we would have liked.

“It’s one thing to break it; it’s another thing to attack it.”

Message to the team with a short week ahead - “We better be serious about it. We better be serious. The question I get asked after tough losses is always with this group…do you think you’ll have a hangover? Bounce back? That’s not something I’ve worried about. On paper, Washington State has one victory. The last time we were in a situation like this was Santa Barbara. Going into it, we want to make sure that going into that game we’re playing at a high level.”

Mood of the locker room - “This is a group that goes into every game thinking, ‘I know we’ll get it done this time’. So disappointed, but I don’t think our guys have lost confidence.”

On Andrew having to shoulder a large part of the load, especially this late in the year - “Not everyone can do it, but he’s capable of doing it. I would say it’s more of a fun challenge for him than something that’s hard. This is something that, before the season started, he looked forward to doing - being in this position, leading this team. I don’t think he sees it as, wow! This is so hard. I don’t think he sees it that way.” Top Stories