VIDEO: Andrew Andrews Tuesday Briefing - WSU

The media spoke Tuesday with Washington senior guard Andrew Andrews, who talked before the Huskies' final regular-season game versus in-state rival Washington State, to be played Wednesday night at Alaska Airlines Arena. This will be Andrews' last Pac-12 home game of his UW career.

On his senior night It just shows how fast time flies. I remember Darnell, Scott, Abdul, and others go through it. Now I’m up.

Who will be out there with you for senior night? Both my moms, my grandma, my dad, whoever wants to go out there.
On reflecting on this year: I’ve always been in tune to the season. I don’t want anything taking away from the team aspect of the season. I usually reflect more after the year.
On coach Romar saying Andrew will be remembered for his perseverance: That’s huge. That’s something I pride myself on. Growing up I learned young that everything happens for a reason. You have to roll with the punches and not quit.
Can the last game of the season set the tone for the PAC-12 tournament: I think the way we play as a team will set the tone. Washington State always plays well against us so I think it will show where we are and how we react to a big game and a team with a worse record than us. I think losing by a few points here and there will prepare us for this game.
On the defense: You might think that but I don’t think so, because each game we’ve gotten better. We just have to find a way to keep teams off the boards. Our defense has gotten better each game, we just have to stay at it. There isn’t one team other than Arizona early in the year that we didn’t have a chance to beat.
On preparing for WSU: I think just knowing that it doesn't matter what there record is coming into this game. They’re going to come in ready to win.
On how his leadership has changed this year: It’s crazy. My maturation process came from them. It took a step this year seeing how influential everyone on this team was. I was more of a vocal leader in the past. This year, guys just love the game so much and there personalities have impacted me so much that I am better at moving on. They’re so receptive and want to learn.
On keeping positive: They’ve been positive through it all because the games we have lost have been so close. There are a lot of losses that have come down to one or two possessions. If we make a couple of adjustments we can come away with wins in those. That’s why we aren’t looking down. We see the potential we still have.
On what he’ll miss most when he’s gone: Probably just the preparation and getting ready to come out of the tunnel or the introductions. Just the little things like that. Those are the things I’ll miss the most. Those are the things I’ll remember.
Does it matter what people remember you for? Yes and no. Everyone cares to a certain extent, but if the only thing I was remembered for was being loyal that’s fine by me.
On leading the conference in scoring: The scoring just kind of happened. That was the furthest thing from my mind. I never would have thought about it, but it just happened. Top Stories