VIDEO: Andrew Andrews Post-Game - WSU

Washington's Andrew Andrews met with the media after a Senior Night for the ages; 47 points, six rebounds and four assists - as the Huskies defeated Washington State 99-91 Wednesday night at Alaska Airlines Arena.

Why didn’t you get 50? “A couple missed shots, I missed that free throw at the end, and coach Romar subbed me for like five minutes at the end, but I didn’t know the record was 49 until after the game. Donaven (Dorsey) and the guys kept saying ‘get 50, get 50.’ I was like ‘what’s so important about 50?’ I didn’t know the record was 49. It was kind of just crazy.”


When did you know it would be this kind of night “Oh man, the game went by so fast that I couldn’t even tell you. I just remember coming out and missing my first couple shots. I told the guys at halftime ‘your guys’ senior night is going to be the worst time to play’ because the first six-seven minutes the moment is so big and everyone is rooting for you and everyone wants to make a shot and I didn’t make my first couple of shots. I was like, man. Then I don’t what happened in the second half, but I looked up and I had 20 in the first half. I think it was just one of those nights where it kind of just goes by so fast and everything is just kind of clicking and going your way. That was one of those I didn’t expect.”


On how does it feel when shots are just falling “It feels good, feels good. Especially with the stage that it was on. My mom, my biological mom, and my grandma being there was huge for me. Both two women who raised me and my mom who is now just getting back in my life kind of my senior year in high school. That was huge for me as well. I think just everything coming together made it huge for me.”


On what his time at UW has meant to him “I guess you can say trials and tribulations, ups and downs, learning how to fight through it, learning how to endure them, and in the end, when it’s going good, just learning how to embrace that as well and kind of keep going with it. I think under coach Romar I’ve grown so much and matured so much that if I wanted to go anywhere else, even when I had options to transfer, I knew that, not only Washington, but coach Romar was going to be the best decisions for me. That was one of the biggest reasons I chose to stay. I think it paid off for me in the end.”


On what he learned from coach Conroy this year “He just helped me grow as a leader and tried to show me different things that he was doing when he was in the game: working out of pick and rolls, working me out, playing against me, just trying to show my different aspects of the game. I know he was more of a true point guard and I’m more of a scoring guard, but we have the same mentality as far as just playing basketball and hustling and trying to out compete people. I think with my ability to score and his ability to play make and get other people open and make his teammates better, he’s helped me out so much in that aspect. Talking to me out of timeouts, asking me what I see and what he sees from a pro aspect. And having played at UW and coach Romar just the same way I know him, if not better. He just helped me mature as a point guard and a person as well.”


On what he’ll remember most from tonight “I don’t even much from it right now. I think this was very similar to my championship game my senior year in high school, where I had 42 and everything was just going the right way. Everything was falling. When you get in that type of zone you kind of just black out and start playing. I don’t know. It’s kind of surreal.”


On his senior night ceremony “There were a couple guys joking with me before saying that I was going to cry because that’s kind of been the trend of these ceremonies. I was like ‘man, I don’t know. I’m not crying. That’s one thing I’m not going to do, is cry.’ I was telling Ashley they almost got when the thank you started going on with my teammates just talking about their time here with me. Then my grandma and my mom started crying. Once you see other people start to cry you get a little bit emotional. Not enough to get my to cry, but it was heartfelt and I appreciate it a lot.”


Have you ever had this many points “Oh yeah, in high school, yeah. In AAU. Yeah. When I was younger I was scoring like this quite a lot. It’s crazy to do in college. It doesn’t happen too often. Coming into college I remember one of my goals being scoring 40 in a game, just whenever it happened or if it would ever happen. I remember getting 35 twice, getting 33, and being so close thinking ‘man, I’m never going to get it.’ Then I got it on my senior night. It’s pretty wild. That’s crazy.”


On his personal best in high school “In high school my personal best was 45. But in AAU games I had 50 and things like that. That’s not near as big a stage as this.”

Do you think you can win four games in four days in the PAC-12 tournament? “I 100% believe we can win four games. Like I said before, whatever team we played outside of Arizona at their place can say they can blew us out or handled us the whole way. We have to know that going in; that we give teams problems when we’re playing the right way and that we can come out on the winning side if we’re locked in the whole game. That’s the key thing for us, just being locked in for 40 minutes and playing our game. I think if we play 40 minutes for four games out of four days we’ll come out on top.” Top Stories