VIDEO: Lorenzo Romar Post-Game - WSU

Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar spoke to the press Wednesday night after the Huskies (17-13, 9-9) defeated Washington State 99-91 at Alaska Airlines Arena.

Opening statement “Well, that was fun to watch a fifth year senior, who has been so loyal to this program, go out like that with a win. And it was such a great offensive performance. That was pretty special.”


Was there any inclination that he would have a game like that? “Well, when I continually was asked about Drew’s (Andrew Andrews) slump a couple weeks ago, I think I said ‘he goes through those for whatever reason every year, but when he breaks out of them, he really breaks out of them.’ He averaged 25 points per game on the Oregon trip and he comes out and gets 47. I didn’t think he would get 47, but when he breaks out of those slumps he comes back pretty strong. I think that’s what we’ve been witnessing here these last three games.”


On bringing Andrew Andrews back in with a minute left “We were losing the lead a little too fast. Once I saw they started to press us, then it was fair game to bring him back in because obviously he’s our best foul shooter and a very good ball handler. That’s why we brought him back in.”


Were you aware of the single game record “I was not aware of the single game record during the game. Yeah, I was not aware.”


On what this win does for the team heading into the PAC-12 tournament “I think our guys did a good job of not overlooking this game, forget the opponent, not overlooking this game. I sense there is a real excitement to go and play next week in the PAC-12 tournament. Just to come out and play like this does nothing but boost our confidence going in to the next game.”


On balancing a game that’s getting out of hand while having a kid like Andrew Andrews having a special night“When it’s senior night you try to let them do something special. I thought 40 was special. Like I said, I didn’t know what the scoring record was during the heat of the battle – during the game.”


Would you have changed the way you handled it if you knew the record was 49 points “He’s a senior. It’s his last time at home. Maybe you call me a poor sport, but it’s his last time. We talk about seniors, and something you never forget about is your last home game. That would have been even more unforgettable. Either case he’s not going to forget that.”


On how big the run was at the end of the first half “We got up four. Once we got up four, I thought that was enough cushion for us to relax a little bit. We really started to play. Dejounte (Murray)’s shot got it up to 10, but I thought we were starting to go before then. When we came out in the second half, I thought our guys came out and played with a lot of purpose on both ends.” Top Stories