Husky Combine - All-in-One

Washington Football held their annual Husky Combine Day Sunday at the Dempsey Indoor Facility. Here's the top-5 results for each event, as well as video interviews, individual videos, quotes, and more.

40-yard dash (hand-timed):

J. Ross - 4.25

B. Baker - 4.35

D. Pettis - 4.39

J. Miller - 4.39

D. Daniels - 4.44

Pro Agility (20-yard shuttle):

K. King - 4.02

B. Baker - 4.08

I. Biddle - 4.14

L. Coleman - 4.18

T. Rapp - 4.18

3-Cone Drill (L-Cone test):

K. King - 6.40

B. Baker - 6.66

C. Griffin - 6.70

J. Ross - 6.71

B. Burr-Kirven - 6.75

Vertical Jump (inches):

D. Pettis - 41.0

K. King - 39.5

J. Dotson - 39.0

J. Ross - 38.0

T. Walker - 37.0

Broad Jump (inches):

J. Dotson - 11'01"

K. King - 10'10"

J. Miller - 10'09"

D. Pettis - 10'08 3/4"

F. Dunivin - 10'07 1/2"


Husky Combine Day - Vertical Jump


Husky Combine Day - John Ross’s 40


Husky Combine Day - Myles Gaskin’s 40


Husky Combine Day - Jomon Dotson’s 40


Husky Combine Day - Vita Vea’s 20


Husky Combine Day - Dante Pettis Vertical Jump


Husky Combine Day - Darrell Daniels Interview

On the combine “It went good. I feel like we’re out here competing and we got better this offseason as a team. I feel like my guys are going to go out and compete today.”


On this offseason “Everything increased. I got better today, as you can see. Like I said, we’re attacking this offseason. Our goal is to be the best team in the PAC-12.”


On what the combine means for the team “It’s just like a starting block for our offseason. It’s just like, again, an opportunity to interact with the fans and show how we got better and show how we worked this offseason. This Husky combine is a great experience for everybody.”


On how comfortable he is with coach Petersen’s system “His message is OKGs: Our kind of guys. He’s bringing his kind of guys here and I think his message is he wants us to be better men in life and I feel like it’s easy now because we’ve made it this far, we’re seniors now, my class that came in, so it’s like we figured it out.”


On this offseason feeling different “I feel like we had a chip on our shoulder ending last season and I feel like this offseason is going to put a stamp on Husky football for the future.”


Do you feel more motivated with one year to go “I feel like we just want to go out and compete with my brothers. I just want to have a good season, play to the best of my abilities, and see where that takes me, to the next level or not.”


On younger guys to keep an eye on “All of them. Keep an eye on all of the younger guys. Like I said we all are going to come out here ready to compete and the younger guys are going to come right along and be ready to compete just as well as we are.”


Does the offense feel they can build off their improvement from last year “I mean, yeah. Any team has to create a new brotherly love because you have a whole new team coming in. I feel like yeah, like I said, our team is ready to compete and everybody is going to compete their jobs and we’re going to take off. That’s our goal: to be the best.”


On expectations for spring ball “To go out and compete everyday and make sure that we go out and compete to the best of our abilities and get better on that field.”


On what ways Jake Browning has grown “I feel like he’s grown more as a leader. (Jake) Browning, he’s a competitor and he’s going to be a great quarterback for us. He’s going to be a great leader also on and off the field.”


Husky Combine Day - Kevin King Interview

On his vertical “I think I saw Dante (Pettis) jump up there. He might of beat it. That’s goof though. We’ve been talking about that for a little while, battling. We were trying to reach that 40 mark. He got it. I was a little shy of it. Next time I’m going to get it for sure. That’s good though. Everyone has been progressing tremendously this offseason.”


Is it strange that this is your last year? “Oh yeah. It comes by fast; everything goes by fast, but looking back on it I feel like I’m ready. I feel like I’ve progressed my four years here. I’m ready and I’m excited for the season.”


On where he’ll be positioned “I’m not too sure. The season just ended about two months ago so I don’t know what they have planned for next season. We have spring ball coming up after spring break so we’ll see what they want me at.”


How excited are you for spring ball? “Extremely. A chance to get out there and actually play some football again. We’ve been out here just grinding, grinding, grinding which is good; which is very necessary for every football player so they can get bigger, faster, and stronger. But to put the pads on, that’s what we’re here for so I’m excited.”


On his emphasis for this offseason “I’m trying to get bigger. I’m trying to put some weight on. I’m happy to say that’s actually happened a little bit. I’ve gained about ten pounds. I’m a little fuller. I feel good.”


On what he needs to improve on in spring “I’m just trying to hone in on my corner skills, you know, my coverage and trying to use my length as an advantage. I’ve been watching a lot of film of Richard Sherman and a lot of longer guys with similar body types.  I’m trying to perfect my craft, trying to get ready for the next level, but first and foremost for this season.”


On watching Travis Feeney and Cory Littleton at the combine “If I’m fortunate enough to get invited to that combine, that’s everybody’s dream. Especially playing in the PAC-12, everybody wants to go to the combine. If I get a chance to experience that, I’m going to train my hardest and I’m going to go out there and show what I got.”


On ‘Death Row’ “It’s not just my unit, it’s the whole defense. We’re all death row. It’s the whole defense. We don’t take any prisoners. We come out there, you play against death row, it’s execution time. Get ready for that, have your last meal, your last prayer, we ready to go out there and get it.”


Husky Combine Day - Budda Baker Interview 

On his 40-yard dash “This year was just about the start. Last year I was just going off really athleticism, just trying to do what I do. Coaches helped a lot with my first ten steps because your first ten years are going to tell you what your 40 is. I’m very happy I got better but there’s always room for improvement.”


On the rest of the combine “It was pretty good. My broad jump I was trying to get at least 10 (feet), but they had me at 9’11.” My vert was 36.5.”


Was that the fastest you’ve run the 40? “Yeah. 4.35. It was good. I felt it too, which was a good thing.”


On John Ross being back “It’s amazing. We do our player practices and just seeing him run routes and run deep balls and all that type of stuff makes me really excited for him.”

On going one on one with John Ross “Yeah, all the time. We always try to go one on one. He’s usually the X and I usually cover the slot, so Chico (McClatcher), Andre Baccellia, those of guys. When he’s at X sometimes I try to play corner and do a little one on one.”


How does John Ross look? “He looks great. He’s going to be a huge difference for Washington football.”


Have you put on weight “Yeah. 184. Just trying to get to maybe at least 190 and play at 185. Last year I was at 176, but then lost and was at 170-171. This year I’m just really exciting. And especially gaining weight without getting slower, so that’s good.”


On how he gained weight “Weight room. We have a great nutritionist, She helps us a lot.”


On how the added weight will impact him on the field “Hopefully it’s going to impact me well, stay healthy. Last year was my first time really getting injured in my life and missing games and all that type of stuff. This year I’m just trying to stay healthy.”


On how good the defense can be this year “I feel like we just keep taking steps and steps. Those were amazing guys. Freshman year and sophomore year those guys were amazing, but we just need to come together more as a team, Our defense has come together a lot. Now we’re just getting ready for this upcoming season.”


On the continuity of the defensive backs “We’re almost as mature as you can get. We have some juniors who all have played and stuff. Even freshman are playing. Even Taylor Rapp and all these young guys coming in, they’re doing great. They’re getting the play calls in and it’s just going to be a great year.”



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