VIDEO: Lorenzo Romar Monday Briefing (3/7/16)

On Monday, Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar addressed the media as the Huskies get ready to travel to Las Vegas for the Pac-12 Tournament. Their first game is at Noon Wednesday versus Stanford. The game will be shown on the Pac-12 Networks.

On PAC-12 recognition: I thought it was good to see guys get recognized. Good to see that.

Any surprises with the PAC-12 honors? I thought Malik Dime had a heck of a year. I could go on and on. I’m proud that our guys were recognized int he way that they were, it was a good start.
Do you think Andrew Andrews expected to be all conference before this year? I would think that he would think that. He has a lot of confidence in himself. He was one of the leading returning scorers.
Did you think Andrew Andrews would be all conference? Absolutely.
On Andrew Andrews not winning PAC-12 player of the week: He had a great week. Gabe York got it. he had a great week too. Andrew’s performance was the best performance I’ve seen in this league since I’ve been here, that includes Klay Thompson and Salim Stoudamire.
On what made Andrew Andrews’ 47-point game so uniqueHe did it all within the flow of the game. I didn’t sense that he went out to score 47. He just got in the zone and started to rattle them off. That’s what made it so special.
Would you have done anything different taking Andrew Andrews out with eight minutes left against WSU if you had the chance? We took him out when he asked to. That might be the first time he asked to. My intent was to put him back in the game and he did go back in the game.
On getting a whole week off before the PAC-12 tournament: I believe that is a first, but I don’t recall that happening.
On not playing this weekend and having a week to prepare for the tournament: We wanted to make sure we did a few things during the week. With a weeks rest and then playing back to back we wanted to give them rest, but we also wanted to get better and keep conditioning up.
On getting the weekend off before the tournament: I think just body wear and tear, it was great in that regard. We were keeping guys fresh down the stretch. we’ve cut practice time down. Guys have fresh legs with their shot and a lot of energy. You can practice a long time and mentally you can get better, but still get drained mentally. Now with more rest, the bruises tend to go away.
On keeping players fresh without playing a super deep rotation: We can play up to 10 guys. We don’t do that in a game, but if guys are winded or in would trouble we can go to the bench and be okay. A lot of years our team gets better as the year goes on. I thought we got better and thought we were fresh down the stretch. At the end of games ew can. still make shots and still run. When you use their legs too much during practice it defeats the purpose. 
We’ve done it before. When it gets to tournament time there’s a lot of adrenaline 
On playing multiple games in a row without days off: You have to bounce back. We did that in the Bahamas.If there’s away you can win and get guys rest early that’s awesome, but everybody is trying to do that too.
Do you expect Stanford to play their matchup zone: You have to anticipate that any team could do anything. We will hopefully be prepared for whatever we face.
On the excitement of the conference tournament: That high level of competition. That’s kind of a rush as an athlete or coach to be in that position. That’s when stakes are at their highest.
On tweaks the team will make depending on opponents: Not in general. Whatever we’re doing we might approach differently depending on the scout. You can call it a change in defensive package than more of a tweak.
On any team he would like a rematch with: That next one would be great. Whatever that is, we can’t be choosy. Whatever is thrown our way, we’ll attack it. That;s how you approach the tournament.
On keys to success: I think that we will do a decent job of guarding. We have to make shots, open shots. We don’t have to go off and have guys get 47, just make shots. We have to do a better job of rebounding. As we;ve seen, one shot can be the difference. In our case the difference between tied for 6th or 3rd or 4th.
On how far the Huskies have to go to make the NCAA tournament: Probably get at least to the championship game.
On Andrews playing with a bullseye on his backI would think the teams we’ve played in the league already have a bullseye on his back. He’s had games where he’s gone off. This isn’t unfamiliar for him, coming back after big games and being the focus of defenses. He’s had slumps every year and each time he comes out strong. HE averaged 25 per game on the Oregon trip. He’s starting to make shots again.
Did you get to watch and enjoy Andrews’ 47 points against WSU? The last time I watched it after breaking it down I was able to watch it and enjoy. just watching the calm on his face, he was just steady. he wasn’t over emotional or pushing to make another shot. He was calm and his teammates were fired up from him.
On other players feeding off Andrews’ success: He’s the leading scorer in the conference and has had many good games. When that ball is going down for him that helps everyone. He’s a point guard but he can score and that helps.
On the progression of the defense: There’s no doubt it’s because we’re more familiar now. All you do is see the games, not the preparation. You don't see what we talk about at meeting and how we decide to defend different things. When we try to over coach it’s not good. We learned this with our team. We try to keep it simple and that’s what we;ve done. Lately we’ve been able to do what we’ve been trying to do. So much is habit and repitition. Not our guys have a better feel.
On what makes Stanford dangerous: They have a couple guys, Humprhey scores in the flow of what they do. Dorian Pickens and Roscoe Allen can get in the zone and hurt you. That can be a problem if they get going. Top Stories