VIDEO: Andrew Andrews Monday Briefing

On Monday, Washington senior guard Andrew Andrews addressed the media as the Huskies get ready to travel to Las Vegas for the Pac-12 Tournament. Their first game is at Noon Wednesday versus Stanford. The game will be shown on the Pac-12 Networks.

On how it feels to be first team all pac-12: It feels good, first time getting pac-12 honors. It feels good

What it means for him in this moment: A little bit. There’s still a long way to go. I respect all the accodlades but there’s a long way to go still.
On getting recognition before the tournament: I actually like the way we did it this year, with it all before the tournament, so the distraction comes before the tournament. Now all we have left is to play ball.
On the matchup with Stanford: We played well the first time and got used to there zone. Now its just time to adjust more and get ready to play again.
On playing Stanford in the tournament: Can’t help but have a memory of Chasson Randall hitting a shot last year when we had a chance to win. Every team is going to play there best because nobody wants to go home. We’re used to playing big games. We’ll be pretty ready to go.
On not playing this weekend: I think it’s always good to have extra time to rest and prepare and correct things that are going wrong to finish this out strong.
Did you re-watch the WSU game? It was hard not to. I rewatched it.
Did it feel different to watch it than it was to play it? It felt different playing than watching. I got to enjoy it when watching, but while playing you don’t realize what you’re doing until after.
On how he celebrated: I went to Jack’s with my parents in Pike Place.
On having the focus on him after scoring 47: It’s a brand new game. Coach Conroy told me that not every game is going to be high scoring. The first time against Stanford I didn’t make a shot but I helped facilitate. I just try to do what helps the team most.
How do you feel physically? I’m good. My body feels good. Coaches make sure I get in the ice bath and stretch before and after practice. They help our bodies stay fresh,
On the draw for the PAC-12 tournament: I like it. It’s what we needed. These games that we have are against teams with good resumes and we can get a better look from the committee. We need to take it on game at a time.
How many wins will it take to make the NCAA tournament: I can’t put a number on it. We have to go out there and play to our capability. We want to win it all and don’t want to put a limit on it.
Any surprises the first time you played Stanford? I don’t think we knew how long they were, so we struggled in the first half. We need to avoid letting them get hands on the ball and knowing where to attack.
On the PAC-12 tournament: It’s crazy. I had a chance to play in LA and Vegas. Both are incredible. The MGM is going to be all around us. The environment is crazy. Its the biggest stage any of us have played on it our career. It’s crazy.
On reflecting on the season: I think that’s what we did with our banquet. IT gave us a chance to reflect on the season and took our mind of the importance of the Stanford game. Having today off helps us adjust to the atmosphere too. Top Stories