VIDEO: Travis Feeney Talks NFL Combine

There were plenty of interested spectators Sunday that gathered at the Dempsey Indoor Facility to watch Washington's football players run, jump and test themselves during UW's annual Combine Day, but probably no one more interested than senior BUCK Travis Feeney. Feeney spoke to about his NFL Combine experience, and expectations for UW Football this coming fall.

Weird being out here not working out? - “It’s a little weird. I was talking to the coaches and it’s like, ‘Dang, you guys make me want to come back out here and participate again’. I had to come back here and support the guys, you know.”

Just waiting to get yelled at? - “Yeah. A little bit. ‘Faster! Faster arm swing!’ But it’s a good time. I was already back here, chilling and relaxing, taking a couple days off from training. Just wanted to come out and support the guys.”

You’re like a big brother to some of these guys - “Yeah, like an old big brother. Trying to keep an eye on guys, trying to make sure their head is where it’s supposed to be.”

Azeem (Victor) looks good - “He does. Azeem looks really good. He’s going to be really good.”

Big year for these guys? - “Huge. I’ve said it before, I think this is their year. This is their year to take it over. It’s a matter of how bad they want it.”

Do you think now about what it could have been like with one more year? - “Yeah. I’m glad I did redshirt. I definitely wish I had one more year. It would be great to have one more year with these guys, one more year with Coach Pete, just seeing how it’s turned around so much. It would definitely be great if I had one more year.”

How hard was it really to go through everything from Sark to Pete? - “It’s not hard. You just have two different coaching styles. Coach Sark’s practices were more up-tempo practices, run as many plays as we can kind of deal. Not that they haven’t ran up-tempo practices, but it’s not as many fast reps, more focused - more locked in on getting the one rep correct, 100 percent.”

Growing up when Coach Pete arrived - “Definitely. From freshman year Travis to now, I’ve definitely grown. Freshman year Travis was wild. He was still a lot of fun, but he was just a wild kid. Academics he was locked in like I’ve always been, but on the field he was more just run on the field and not necessarily knowing my responsibilities but still making plays. Older Travis got more into the playbook and more into film and more developing throughout and not relying on my ability itself.”

On the NFL Combine - “I’m definitely not surprised with how I did. I didn’t do as good as I wanted to; if I didn’t have my dang sports hernia I would have done way better. But with that, it shows how I played through injuries all the time. It happens. Getting a little bit of pub? It’s cool. That should come with how I did, but we have to see how that pub actually works out, you know, in April - see what actually happens. Hopefully it puts me on a good start, hopefully it helps me out a lot.”

On being under the radar coming to UW - “The only thing I went to - I went to Washington’s camp, the little high school camp, I went to Arizona’s football camp - that was it. I was a two-star recruit, I was underrated. It’s always great when they underrate you and then you can use that as motivation, as a push factor. You can let it break you or make you. And that’s why I think it’s what these guys (UW) have. We’re always underrated coming in. Are you going to let it get you down or are you going to prove people wrong?”

On Combine insight - “Swag. I got a little bit of swag, a couple jackets, some nice cleats. The food was good, but very un-healthy. But I made sure I didn’t each much of the un-healthy foods.”

Who was most impressive physically? - “The lineman from Ole Miss (Robert Nkemdiche) was huge. Mostly d-linemen. (Joey) Bosa was huge. My boy DFo (DeForest Buckner). I trained with him.”

Any weird interview questions? - “Nothing weird, not for me. I didn’t have anything weird. Guys told me about some weird questions. I heard about the question that was asked Eli Apple, who I trained with. They asked him if he liked guys, or something like that. That’s what I heard. I couldn’t confirm it. I haven’t hit him up or asked him.

“I was waiting for one. Okay, what are you guys going to ask me. But nothing really came up.”

What’s on your schedule now? Are you going to do UW’s Pro Day (3/31)? - “Yeah. I’m coming to Pro Day March 31st. I’m not going to be doing no vertical or anything. I’ll just be doing the drills.”

What about school? Are you done? - “I’m done. I graduated June, 2015. I’m done, man. I’m a graduate. Feels great.”

Who is the most proud of that? - “Moms. And Dad. Myself. I’m proud of being able to accomplish something so big.”

What position are scouts talking to you about? - “It’s all different. It’s all a matter of what scheme you’re trying to fit into. A lot of guys talk about me as an outside ‘backer. Some guys are talking about WIL (weak side inside linebacker). It’s just all different positions. Like they say, I’m a hybrid; I don’t know where they want to play me at. It’s cool, just have to wait and see who gets you, who gives you a chance.”

You always seem like you’re having fun - “I’m always having fun. Danny Shelton texted me before the combine and he said, ‘Uce, you gotta make sure you have fun, be silly like I did.’ 

“‘Dude, I don’t think I can do that. That thing looks a little different when a 340-pound man is grabbing the camera and playing around.’ I don’t think I can do that, especially when (Shelton) is going to be a first-round pick. I don’t think I can do that.”

So you won’t be sporting a lava-lava any time soon? - “Nah. Not me. Not me. (laughs) Top Stories