VIDEO: Andrew Andrews Post-Game - Stanford's Kim Grinolds spoke with senior guard Andrew Andrews after Washington defeated Stanford 91-68 Wednesday afternoon in the first round of the Pac-12 Tournament, held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Andrews finished the game with 14 points, nine rebounds and nine assists - just shy of Washington's first ever triple-double.

Did you know you were close to a triple-double “Once I started getting close Will (Conroy) warned me about it.”


On Noah Dickerson getting fouled, stopping him from getting Andrews his tenth assist “They did a good job of fouling him, and he knocked down the free throws. The most important part is just coming out of here with the win.”


On the 10-0 run to start “I think the Washington State game we jumped out, not as quick as we did this game but we ended up getting a pretty big lead. I think coach Romar emphasized that a lot in the practices right after the Washington State game. In coming out here we had a couple practices to get out feet kind of under us. Then we took a couple days off, which gave us our legs. We did a lot of things in preparation for this first game trying to keep as fresh as possible. We started out, wjumped on them with 10 points. I don’t think they scored a field goal for the first seven to ten minutes, somewhere between there. I think it was a really good defensive effort by us.”


On the importance of holding the lead “I don’t think it was so much of us trying to look ahead. I think it’s hard to play when you’re up. Something happens where you’re a little bit lacks on defense; on offense you’re not trying to go as fast as you were because you have the lead. And traditionally when you have the lead you want to kind of slow it down a little bit, which plays into their favor. I think today we did a good job of trying to be consistent. Our bench helped us out incredibly. They came in with the same energy as the starters. Any time we have something like that it’s going to be crazy for us.”

Were you aware Malik Dime tied Robert Upshaw’s record for blocks in a season “I wasn’t aware of that, but I actually talked to Rob (Robert Upshaw) a couple days ago and told him that we had somebody that was close, although Rob did it in like 15 games, which is ridiculous. Congrats to Malik (Dime). He was chosen as honorable mention defensive team. It shows how good he is. I guess.”


On facing Oregon “Kind of just go back to that game. It’s fresh in our minds what went wrong and what went right, how they play, their personnel. We look forward to coming in and kind of matching up with them. We feel that we match up with them personally as far as skill wise with people we have on the floor. We’re both very athletic teams who like to block shots, so it should be an up and down game.”


Urgency or hunger? “After games I can’t eat, so probably just agency.”


Ice bath today “I didn’t get that sore today so I’m going to sit that one out. I’ll let the people who were sore get an ice bath.” Top Stories