VIDEO: Marquese Chriss Post-Game - Oregon's Kim Grinolds spoke to Washington freshman forward Marquese Chriss after the Huskies lost to Oregon 83-77 in a Pac-12 Tournament semifinal Thursday afternoon in Las Vegas. Chriss finished the game with 19 points, five rebounds, three blocks and a steal.

On how tough a loss it was “It was tough for us because we tried so hard to stay in the game and I just think little things got away from us. We kind of just let them pull away towards the end of the game. They made their free throws.”


On similarities between this game and the first time UW played Oregon this year “I think we’re really competitive so I think whoever we play we kind of pick our game up to play up to how ever they’re playing and if they’re not better than us we’ll pick our game up still and run them out the gym. I think games like this kind of bring the best out of us and we have to compete. Just playing against great players makes our team better. I think we play a lot harder defense to contribute to our offense.”


On how tough it is to face Chris Boucher “Everybody is a good player now in the PAC-12, but I don’t want to sell myself short against anybody. I feel like I can compete with anybody I go against and I don’t ever use my age as an excuse because I if I start doing that it will get me back. I kind of just go out and play basketball and just do what I know how to do.”


Is 37 minutes the most you’ve played this year “Yeah. I think the other most was 36. Topped that by one.”


On staying out of foul trouble “I think I just have to mature and just pick my spots wisely and not kind of jump for everything and kind of try to get a high level of play all the time. If somebody scores it’s going to happen because they practice – it’s basketball. I just think I kind of have to check myself and kind of back up a little because I need to be on the floor.”


On growing and dealing with expectations and being away from home “I wouldn’t say it’s hard. I’m with my family; these are my brothers. This is my home away from home so when I come here I don’t really feel like I’m not at home. I just think it’s we’re all building together and kind of growing at the same time.” Top Stories