VIDEO: Space Needle Climb - Sidney Jones

Friday morning, the Washington Football team was greeted with a surprise challenge - climb all 832 stairs up the iconic Space Needle. spoke to cornerback Sidney Jones about taking part in the challenge, and more.

What was this experience like? Assuming you’ve never done anything like this before - “No. Never before. Ran Husky Stadium a few times, but nothing like this. Getting to the top was kind of hard, but you get through it and finish.”

832 steps…feel like an achievement? “Big time. It felt more than that. It felt like it was never going to end. But we prevailed to get through it and just come together.”

Feel symbolic…getting to the top, step-by-step, all that? “Yeah. It’s symbolic. You go through adversity, you can’t take the easy ways out. You can’t take the elevator, as there was one here. But you have to take the stairs to success.”

Hearing the offense won the competition. Any repercussions for that during spring ball? “They won. We competed and everything. We have to come harder next time, spring ball, be extra ready and all that. Bring our best game.”

Heard unofficially that Budda made it to the top first “Probably. He started first and finished first. Probably six minutes, or something like that.”

Heard the current record is five minutes to get to the top “It’s way too impressive. Budda was like, ‘I can’t believe somebody did it in five minutes’. I’m sure he did it really quick and thought how could somebody get five minutes?”

How’s the feeling for the DB’s coming into spring? “We built this chemistry and really came together last year. We just building on that chemistry, that uint, and it translates to the team. Just we became really close over this last year, year-and-a-half, and I’m looking forward to the future.”

How did the whole ‘Death Row’ thing come about? “That started in 2014 my freshman year. A couple guys, Shaq (Thompson) and (John) Timu, Danny (Shelton), a couple other guys…but we just kept that tradition going.”

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