VIDEO: Space Needle Climb - Myles Gaskin

Friday morning, the Washington Football team was greeted with a surprise challenge - climb all 832 stairs up the iconic Space Needle. spoke to running back Myles Gaskin about taking part in the challenge, and more.

When’s the last time you were up the Space Needle? “Recruiting, helping out with recruiting, took Sean (McGrew), grew up here. But didn’t have to take the stairs then, took the elevator. That was a lot better.”

Why didn’t you run? “Didn’t want to!” (laughs)

What’s your mindset coming into spring “Just get better every single day. That’s all it is. If you can go every single day, that’s our main goal, our main focus for everybody. That’s what it’s going to be.”

Based on last year, are this year’s expectations at a whole different level? “Yeah. They are. That’s a whole team goal. We’ve got to take everything to the next level.”

How was the off-season in terms of getting bigger, faster, and stronger? “I think I’ve gotten a lot faster, stronger of course. I think I’ve gotten a quicker first step. Just being able to get out of my breaks faster.”

How much more comfortable will this spring be for you now that your first season is done? “We’ll see. I’m not quite sure. We’ll see how it goes. I felt like I was pretty comfortable, but we’ll see.”

What was this whole experience like, climbing the Needle? Were they able to keep it a surprise? “They kept it a surprise until they gave us a waiver. Scared everybody on the bus ride over. It was hard. It was fun, though.”

Was it easier, harder than you thought? “Way harder. Driving up here I thought it was going to be hard, I’d jog it up here and it’d be cool, but nah! You still feel it now. My lungs are all hot right now.”

Did you have to stop at any point? “I tried not to but you just have to push yourself. No one is going to pick you up and take you up, you just have to go.”

Heard the record is five minutes to get to the top “I did not know that and I wasn’t going for it either. I was just trying to get up.”

Pass a lot of guys on the way? “It was a little bit of both. Some guys came up super strong past me but then I came past them back. Some guys passed me up but I passed them back. So everybody got up there, so that’s all it is. Get up here, enjoy it, be able to tell your kids, your family that I went all the way up there. It’s cool.” Top Stories