VIDEO: Lorenzo Romar Monday Briefing - NIT

On Monday, Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar addressed the media ahead of their Tuesday NIT first-round game versus Long Beach State. The game will be played at Alaska Airlines Arena, and tip-off is at 6 pm Pacific Time. The game will be shown live on ESPN2.

On the teams reaction to a three seed in the NIT: Wasn’t a lot of cheering, but I think they’re excited to play.

On playing in the postseason for first time since 2013: You get to compete at a high level. Andrew gets to play more games and our young guys get experience. We get to play in front of our fans. We’re ready to go.
Have you seen teams not motivated to play in the NIT? I’ve seen that. I doubt thats the case with Long Beach State. Once you play a game and get to advance you brace it more. If teams don’t want to play at first they embrace it more as they advance
On Long Beach State: They are very scrappy. Everyone can shoot. Team shoots a lot of threes. That makes it difficult. WE played them in 2014 and we played them last year, both times the game went down to the wire. Every time we play them it’s competitive.
On buying the tickets for the Dawg Pack: Absolutely. We appreciate the Dawg Pack. This year you could see they were back. It’s a token of appreciation. This is how much we appreciate them.
On being close this year: In situations like this you’re frustrated because we had our chances. We could control our own destiny and we didn’t. We didn’t capitalize. That was frustrating. You think about it form time to time, but we have to move on.
On the PAC-12’s success on Selection SundayAwesome. We’ve been saying that our conference was doing well. We knew it was a special year for our conference. The NCAA field is proof of that.
Any games you want back? Pre season UCSB and Oakland. Everyone who doesn’t win as many as they would like, they have a song and dance about what went wrong. I don’t count some of those games. You lost. Oakland came in here and just beat us. We had a few other games won that we lost, those are the ones I think about. Oregon State and Colorado are examples.
Will the team be motivated to play? Our guys have a lot of energy. I continue to answer this question. Even after victories we are asked if we’ll answer the bell. Almost every time our guys have. I don’t think this will be different.
If you had beat OSU would you be in the tournament? It’s interesting. If we win against OSU we’re 10-8 with 18 wins and they’re 8-10 with 17 wins. With one game we’re tied for fifth in the conference. It would be interesting to see. That with one more victory, no doubt. Especially if we were able to finish the Oregon game.
Was the OSU game the difference maker? I think the Oregon State game coupled with another win would have been a slam dunk. I’m not just being biased.
Can you use the NIT as an avenue to take you closer to the tournament? I think it shows progress. Hopefully we have everyone back except Andrew. It shows progress. If you look at this time last year I don’t think people would expect us to finish tied for sixth in the conference this year and playing in the post season. WE’ve made progress. This will take us a step further going into next year.
On following up the PAC-12 tournament performance: We played pretty good basketball. WE played great against Stanford and really well against Oregon. We competed and they played. We were playing at a pretty high level in that tournament.
Did you talk to the team about how close they were after playing tight with Oregon and then watching Oregon go on to win the conference tournament? After the game wasn’t the time to talk about it. Our guys know exactly what happened. Thats where the disappointment comes in. We were able to compete with anyone in our league. With a little better defense or rebounding, a little better and we’re in the tournament. After playing Oregon and seeing what they did, they know.
Did you watch the NIT selection process? I was driving home from the airport so I didn’t get to watch it. I was getting updates. Top Stories