VIDEO: Andrew Andrews Monday Briefing - NIT

On Monday, Washington senior guard Andrew Andrews addressed the media ahead of their Tuesday NIT first-round game versus Long Beach State. The game will be played at Alaska Airlines Arena, and tip-off is at 6 pm Pacific Time. The game will be shown live on ESPN2.

On playing in the post season: Just another opportunity to play. We’re excited to play more. It wasn’t what we wanted but it feels good to get excited to play another game.

Are teams not motivated to play in the NIT? I think as it goes along you get more amped. The more you start winning the level of play gets higher because it gets competitive.
What do you remember about Long Beach State? Coach asked me that; I saidMike Caffey, they had a lot of good guards. He’s not here but last year they had good guards too. They have that same long, athletic group.
On Long Beach State’s tendency to shoot: We play well against perimeter oriented teams. That match up favors us a little bit because we like to play on the perimeter.
On the game against Oregon in the 2012 NIT: I remember that game was incredible. We split with them i the regular season and they played us tough at home. That was the turning point for us wanting to play in the tournament.
On the team being ready to play in the NIT: I think it’s youth and the personality of the team. Nobody takes it for granted. We’re happy to play the game we love. Everything has come down to the wire. We know how good we can be if we put it together.
On attitude heading into the tournament: After practice yesterday we played really well. We weren’t down after not making the tournament. People looked up beat and ready to play.
On getting to play at home again: It’s great. We want to get a win in front of our home court. There are a lot of positives for us.
Are you going for 47 points again? Probably not, that was a good game. I just want a win.
Do you think about games like the OSU or Colorado game after not making the tournamentAlways. You start thinking about those when you’re on the bubble. Even going back to the UCSB game. We controlled our destiny for a while, so it’s on us. Top Stories