VIDEO: UW Huskies Post-Game: NIT

Dejounte Murray, Marquese Chriss and Lorenzo Romar met with the media after the Washington Huskies defeated Long Beach State 107-102 Tuesday night at Alaska Airlines Arena.

Lorenzo Romar

Opening statement “I don’t know if anybody watched them against Hawaii in their conference tournament championship, but one thing down the stretch goes differently Long Beach State is playing in the NCAA tournament. That is a NCAA tournament caliber team. We’ve played Long Beach (State) a couple of times over the years and it seems to always be a tight game when we play against them. They do a good job. Our guys, after we came out pretty sluggish, I thought realized that if we didn’t get going we were going to be going home for the summer; we weren’t going to be playing. Give our guys a lot of credit. They just came in and started really playing hard, playing with more energy. Once our energy level got up the game was changed.”

On trapping and pressing sparking energy “Yeah, a little bit. I also think we were looking for a combination of five guys that were going to play wide-eyed – five guys that were going to be down in a stance, ready, playing with energy. I think we finally had a combination of guys doing that.”


Was it bad defense or good LBSU offense “You would count it as bad defense, but I would say lack of effort on defense. And those guys can score the ball. Early I just didn’t think our effort was there. I thought we had a poor effort. Once our effort was at a proper level, things began to change.”


Can you point to one turning point “No, I can’t. I can’t tell you the moment. I just know it was in the latter part of the first half when we cut that lead down to five. That’s when we kind of recovered so to speak.”


On his technical “I threw a tad bit of a small, mini fit. So I got a technical.”


What allowed you to ‘get over the hump’ tonight compared to games the team has lost in the past? “We got stops down the stretch and made shots, made free throws. Down the stretch took care of the ball. Just those things.”


On fouling four three point shooters “We talked a lot about their ability to knock the three ball down, and sub consciously maybe we just were a little over zealous at times and got a little too close.”

Dejounte Murray 

On his future “We aren’t worried about nothing. We’re worried about this year, this game. And we’re on to the next game.”


On the sluggish start “We had to get the feel. We had to make sure everybody was on the same page ready to play. I didn’t feel like we came out too slow. They were making shots. We were just making minor mistakes, probably not putting a hand up on the shooters. We fixed that in the second half and we came out with the win.”


On the moment when it clicked “Coach actually said at halftime, when a lot of guys were down, ‘some of you guys don’t care about the season being over.’ And I spoke up and was like ‘I care.’ It showed in the second half that my whole team pulled together and we all cared. And we’re moving on to the second round.”

Marquese Chriss

Did you feel like you could exploit some things with size and athleticism? “I didn’t want to look at it as exploiting. I just tried to play hard and just get rebounds when my team needed it. Sometimes I might have missed some and they might have scored. But just trying to box out and that’s something we talk about a lot. We just have to box out and meet the ball and not let them take the rebounds out of our hands and just be strong.” Top Stories