VIDEO: Dan Monson Post-Game - NIT

Long Beach State Head Coach Dan Monson met with the media after the Washington Huskies defeated the 49ers 107-102 Tuesday night at Alaska Airlines Arena

Opening statement “We did a lot of good things offensively, but we never got control of the game on the defensive end. And they were just too athletic for us at the end of the day on the bounce and on the boards, and that was telling of the story. We hung in there but we really lost control at the end of the first half. They kind of fueled their fire. We were kind of on our heels a little bit after that on that end of the floor. Offensively, I think we did what we want to do. You score 102 points, you should be able to win some games. It’s embarrassing when you don’t.”


What allowed success early on, especially offensively? “I thought we were patient. We played for each other. They’re a pressure team and you have to be able to hand the pressure. And you can’t catch everything going out towards the half court line; you have to make them pay for that pressure and attack the basket. I thought we did that all game until the last three minutes. We got a little bit tentative and made a couple mistakes. We put way too much pressure on our offense to have to score every time.”


What did you do to keep Washington from any second chance points in the first half? “No, we were dodging bullets. They missed some free throws and some easy things early. You can’t go on the road and give the home team that many opportunities. That was the bottom line. They finally got enough opportunities to get by. You have to stay in control, and we lost control of it at the end of the first half and never really gathered back. We put ourselves in a position to win, but you have to convert and we weren’t able to do that. We had a couple stops at the end that if you get the rebound, all of this is really on them. We had a couple good looks too. One time everybody was falling down we had about three good looks at the basket to put us up three or four with under two (minutes) to go. Then, all of a sudden, they’re laying it up at the other end. You have to make them take it out of the net. They’re just so good in transition.”


Did you expect such a high scoring game? “They’re averaging 84 (points per game). I think they were one of the tops in their league in scoring. We were one of the tops in ours. But, no, I think this is only the second game all year that somebody had 100 on us. Duke – we lost control of that game. You feel like as a coach you have to help keep people inside of their average. I knew it was going to be tough to keep them at 50 or 60, but I never though ‘let’s keep them under 100.’ I didn’t visualize that.”


On anything he saw from Chriss or Murray he didn’t expect? “Marquese Chriss has really improved. I was just impressed watching film of it because we watched a ton of his games in AAU because Noah Blackwell, our freshman guard, and he were on the same AAU team out of Sacramento. We were very well aware of his ability, but he’s had a great year. (Dejounte) Murray, he’s everything he’s billed up to be. They have a bright future. They freshman are very good. And then you put such a solid player like (Andrew) Andrews in there to kind of steer them in the right direction. They’re capable of winning this tournament. Like everybody else, they’re a four-minute segment away from trouble. That’s what makes whether it’s the NCAA tournament or the NIT so fun. Unfortunately, our ride is over.” Top Stories