VIDEO: Lorenzo Romar Press Briefing - SDSU

On Friday, Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar addressed the media ahead of Monday night's second-round NIT game versus San Diego State.

Can you hold SDSU to less than 40 points like you did last year “That would be awesome. Theses a different year. They have a different team and we have a different team."

Is this game a conflict of styles? "They are an opportunistic fast break team. if they have an opportunity they won’t slow it down, they’ll take advantage of it. W always try to force the issue and they play different than that.”
On SDSU’s ability to get offensive rebounds: “You have to box out. Those guys are relentless on the boards. there starting lineup right now, they’re smallest guy is 6’4. They are very long. athletic, and relentless on the offensive boards.”
Is the team motivated to play in the NIT now? “Yeah, I think so. Just that start we had was rough. It was also finals week. Whatever it was, I anticipate us coming out ready to play.”
Is there length and athleticism why they’re so good defensively? “I think they do a good job fundamentally in their scheme. The way they recruit, they bring in the same guy, because they like length and athleticism. A guy like Winston Shepard has been in their system for four years. Skyler Spencer is their all time leading blocker; he’s been there four years.  They have some that have been in that system and played that defense. They know it like the back of their hand and that makes them good defensively.”
Is there one guy that you need to zone in on? “They have multiple guys that can make plays. Shepard is their catalyst. He’s a veteran and makes big plays. Trey Kell is an outstanding guard. He can really play the game. Jeremy Hemsley was the freshman of the year in the Mountain West. They have multiple players capable of making baskets.
Do you want to force tempo in this game? “We’re going to always try to force tempo. But everytime we aren’t aggressive it will be tough to score. We have to make sure we efficient on offense.”
Did the minutes that Andrew Andrews sat out with four fouls show what this team will be like without him? “You would think that with a guy out, but when Andrew is gone there will be a different make up. There’s someone not averaging double digits that will next year. Andrew scored 15 per game last year and this year he averaged 21. His role is even different. Guys will have different roles so it’s hard to say that’s a sneak peak because roles will be different.”
How hard is it to win at SDSU? “They’ve done quite well for a long time. They’ve only lost like 12 games in the last double digits year plus whatever it is. They just don’t lose there. That’s pretty good. They do well. They’ll have a lot of people there. They’re comfortable playing there. The last time we played them I thought we played them tough. We had a chance until the last couple minutes of the game." Top Stories