VIDEO: Andrew Andrews Friday Briefing - SDSU

On Friday, Washington senior guard Andrew Andrews addressed the media ahead of Monday night's second-round NIT game versus San Diego State.

On the win over LBSU: “It was fun. A little bit nerve racking. WE probably won’t have many more like that.”

Did coach Romar send a message during half time like ‘do you really want to be playing?’ “I don’t think it was so much as a message. He knew we didn’t have energy so it was during the timeouts it was more ‘do you guys want to play?’ During halftime we started playing better and started to get it.”
Have you ever had such an up and down game “I think the USC and UCLA game had the same feeling. I think USC was more because they controlled it most of the way and we pulled it together at the end. I would say those two games.”
Can increased energy level fix defense? “I believe so. With the first game it’s always hard to play when you had hopes of being in the tournament I think once you start winning games the energy level picks up.
Is the goal to push the pace against SDSU? “I don’t think our offensive scheme changes. We want teams to adjust to us. We know their strength is defense but we know one of our strengths is offense. It will be a battle of us trying to make it a fast paced game. They’re really good t defense, but not one of the best offensively so we want to make them uncomfortable offensively.”
Is this SDSU teams similar to last year’s team? “Yeah, I don’t think they lost many guys. The only thing they gained was experience. They have a couple seniors this year. Trey Kell is a sophomore now. They have experience and are a great coached team.”
On the importance of boxing out? “Yeah, definitely. Knowing they’re not the best offensive team we have to make sure that we get after rebounds.”
Was last year’s SDSU game the best defensive game you’ve played? “I would say that was one of our best defensive games, but I think we’ve had many good defensive efforts during my time here. And they’re not the best offensive team so it makes it easier when a team is less known for their offense. Robert Upshaw has eight or nine blocks that game so that helped. It was a good defensive effort.”
Are you watching the tournament? “Yesterday I feel asleep watching the USC game. I probably will get to it today.”
Do you root for PAC-12 teams? “I want every PAC-12 team to win. I think we lost three yesterday: Colorado, USC, and Arizona. That was a bummer, but anytime the conference wins its only going to help us.”
How will this team play on the road adjacent SDSU? “That’s a tough question because with this team I don’t think it matters where we play. We’ve shown we compete wherever we go. Home, away, or neutral doesn’t really affect us, we just have to come out with energy and be ready to play.”
Are you more excited to play this game? “Yeah, now guys are starting to really see the end of the process, which is a chance to play in Madison Square Garden. When you’re fighting for something it’s easier to play rather than when we’re feeling sorry for ourselves not making the tournament. The games you play the more excited you get." Top Stories