Husky news and notes - 8/6

There was a mixed bag of news and notes coming from Montlake Wednesday morning, as new Washington head coach Keith Gilbertson addressed the media for the second time without having practiced once with his team. The major news of the morning revolved around the ongoing legal issues surrounding fullback Zach Tuiasosopo and the departure of a redshirt freshman offensive lineman.

Robin leaving the nest: Robin Kezirian, a hard-nosed redshirt freshman center/guard from Fresno, California, has decided to transfer. "Well, we talked about it this morning and he felt that he wasn't sure if he was going to see playing time anytime soon and decided that he wanted to take his chances at another school," Gilbertson said. Kezirian's departure is the only one announced of those players returning from last season.

Zach attack on hold: In regards to Tuiasosopo, who was arrested May 10th on malicious mischief charges and has a trial date set for September 25th, will practice with the team but will not be available for game duty until his legal issues are resolved. It's assumed in that case that Zach will miss at least the first few games. "He's done everything we've asked him to do," Gilbertson said. "But he will not be able to compete until there is a resolution. And he probably would have received some sort of suspension from me anyways. But I really like Zach and what has happened is unfortunate, but he's lived up to all the demands set forth by the Athletic Department, which is all that we can ask of him."

Jones on the move: Cory Jones, a reshirt sophomore from Seattle (Wash.) Kennedy, by way of Notre Dame, is switching from OLB to fullback this fall. "Cory sees himself as more of an offensive player," Gilbertson said. "And he ran a 4.56 last spring. He's got nice size and speed, so we're going to see what he can do there." Gilbertson also hinted that more changes may be in the offing as practices go on.

Two in limbo: Chris Hemphill and Juan Garcia, two signees for the 2003 class, are stuck in NCAA clearinghouse limbo, but Gilbertson's best guess is that both should be available in a few days. "They've done what they had to do but they just haven't received clearance yet," Gilbertson said. He added that they technically weren't invited to camp because as a move to protect the player and their families. If invited, the school would have had to start billing them and there's no guarantee they would be available right away.

Freedom of choice: Based on new NCAA rules, the school had the choice of offering a separate freshman orientation session, but limiting the regular varsity drills, or throwing them all in together. Gilbertson and staff chose the latter. "We just felt like it was a better situation for us by throwing everyone out there, including the freshmen," he said. "And a lot of receivers just might be playing a significant role for us this year, so we wanted them out there with #1 (Reggie Williams) and #10 (Charles Frederick) and catching passes from the quarterbacks."

Them changes: Another NCAA rule change has teams with their normal 29 fall practices, but no two-a-days can be done back-to-back. "Usually, by the 4th practice, our guys are all tired," Gilbertson said. "It's going to be different for us, just because we're used to the way it's always been done. But I expect our guys will be fresher as a result."

Camp schedule: Here's the camp schedule (subject to change):
At Husky Stadium:
August 6 - 3:15
August 7 - 3:15
August 8 - 3:15
August 9 - 9:45 AM practice, picture day 1:30-3:30 PM, 4:15 leave for Evergreen State College
At Evergreen State College:
August 10 - 3:15
August 11 - 9 and 3:15
August 12 - 3:15
August 13 - 9 and 3:15
August 14 - 3:15
August 15 - 9 and 3:15
August 16 - Scrimmage at noon, return to Seattle
At Husky Stadium:
August 17 - 6:15 PM
August 18 - 9 and 3:15
August 19 - 3:15
August 20 - 9 and 3:15
August 21 - 3:30
August 22 - 8 PM Scrimmage (Closed to public) August 23 - 10:15 AM

Marathon men: Since coaches haven't been able to monitor the summer conditioning workouts, they will spend Wednesday going through testing with all the players to see where they are at. For example, the coaches will break the players up into skill groups and they will run the width of the field and back 12 times with 30 seconds break between each run.

Lack of red: There appears to be only one player that will be in red this afternoon - Justin Robbins. All the rest of the team appears to be healthy enough to go full-go. "We would love to have Justin, but part of the problem with him is that both of the past two years we've been anxious and he's been anxious to get back and he's been hurt in camp both years," Gilbertson said. "We need to take as long as we need to with his rehab, so that we're better off. That may mean he doesn't get to play until the Stanford game, but that's fine. He needs to be completely healthy and playing pain-free."

Coffin, Miller done?: Gilbertson hinted that the injuries to Junior Coffin and Josh Miller might be career-enders. "Coffin's injury is similar to the one the Seahawks' tackle (Chris McIntosh) has," he said. "And Miller's is a lot like what Rock Nelson had."

Stanback to stand pat: When asked about Isaiah Stanback and a possibility of him trying out other positions, Gilbertson was adamant that the redshirt frosh from Seattle be given every opportunity to fulfill his potential at QB first, get things in place, and then make a determination as to him trying out receiver.

Calling Maurice Clarett...: Does Keith Gilbertson expect Ohio State sophomore phenom Maurice Clarett to suit up for the Buckeyes' opener August 31st against the Huskies? "Yes I do," he said, matter-of-factly. "We respect the hell out of those guys. Just watch their film and you understand." Top Stories