Coach Gilbertson Quotes 8/6

Coach Keith Gilbertson talked to the media following the Huskies' opening practice of fall camp, and was mostly pleased with all he saw.

On his impressions of the first fall practice: It was a hard practice. We started out with a conditioning test and then did a practice after that. That was tough. I was pleased with the way our guys responded.

On where the team needs to do to prepare for Ohio State: We are going to need all 24 days in preparation of Ohio State.

On his impressions of how well the team did in conditioning drills: For the most part, really good. That test is really hard on the big guys, but the big guys have really hard positions to play so that's okay. But for the most part I'm pleased. For the guys who didn't do ample work this summer, it showed. The guys who aren't in shape like we'd like them jump out at you.

On SS Evan Benjamin: He's one of the guys that really struggled in the conditioning test. Evan's got to get in better shape.

On a minor hand injury to WR Charles Smith: He came back to finish practice. He just split his finger, and he'll be fine. We've got a lot of hard-throwing quarterbacks.

On whether anyone stood out on the day: It was the first day. Everyone feels like playing on the first day. We'll see about practice 12, 13, 14. That's when the real cream rises to the top in this sport. It's when you realize when you are actually at training camp. So we'll see down the road who jumps out. Top Stories