VIDEO: Trey Adams - Spring Ball Day One

On Monday, spoke with true sophomore offensive tackle Trey Adams as he prepares for his second season at Montlake. The 6-foot-8, 306-pound Adams talked about last year, and motivation to play even better in 2016.

On his attitude starting spring ball “My attitude, trying to be nasty, trying to hit guys in the mouth. But first day we have no pads on so that was kind of hard. So we’re just kind of doing drills and all that stuff, so yeah.”


Was the bowl win motivation to start spring off well? “Yeah. It’s more motivation. We got our bowl rings yesterday so that’s a pretty cool feeling. Just overall we want to get back to the Rose Bowl and go to bigger and better bowls every year. We just have to keep working.”


Is there more competition this year than before? “We’re kind of short a guy. WE have like 12 guys. Everyone’s just trying to earn a spot right now. Everyone loves each other in the group. We’re really cohesive right now so it’s pretty fun.”


Did you expect to play that much as a true freshman? “Yeah. I came in and wanted to play and I worked my ass off and got the spot. It was fun.”


Are you glad you played that much as a freshman? “Yeah. I had a goal coming out of high school; I wanted to play as a true freshman. I loved every minute. I’m more excited for this year obviously.”


On his individual goal this year “Just better footwork, better pass sets, and just kind of getting closer with the guys every day, working hard, and having fun. It’s all about having fun.”


On his weight “When I showed up I was a little light, but now I’m about 310-315.”


Is it hard to keep the weight on “No. No. I’m starting to grow into my body more.”


On the mullet “The mullet is still growing. I shaved the sides. It’s just kind of a life style now. It’s fun.”


Does your mom like it? “Yeah, she loves it. Actually she doesn’t love it. She wants me to cut it. But it’s just me. Everyone says I look way different without it and I believe that.”


Any desire to cut it? “I’m going to let it go for a while. I was thinking about doing a little Boz (Brian Bosworth) and die the tips or something. It’s going to be fun.”


On what he needs to work on after last season “I need to get stronger. I was a little weak last year, but I had a good offseason. I got a lot stronger and i‘m feeling good right now.”


Did you add upper body or leg strength? “Everything. Core. My footwork has to get better. Just everyday getting better.”


Is it hard to get low with your height? “It’s hard. I was going against Elijah Qualls today; he’s about 5’11.” It was hard but I’m working on it. I can bend decently so I’m starting to get under guys.”


On chemistry with Jake Elderenkamp “Great guy. Love him. He’s working right now. He has a little problem with his leg or something. Everything is good with us. I like playing next to him.”


On chemistry as a unit “Good. Offseason was good. We all bonded. Me and Henry (Roberts) and Jared (Hilbers), we’re not newcomers anymore so it’s fun to just be one of the guys now and not have to prove yourself.”


What’s one thing coach Strausser is always on you about? “Just going hard. I mean, I go hard but just every play going hard nad going nasty.”


How do you tone the nasty back in practice? “I try to, but it’s kind of hard. If you get in trouble you have to do pushups. I’m not a big fan of pushups, so I’ m just trying to finish guys now.” Top Stories