VIDEO: Coleman Shelton - Spring Ball Day One

It was the first day of Spring Football at Montlake, so spoke Monday with Washington center Coleman Shelton about his switch inside, replacing the departed Sifa Tufunga. The 6-foot-4, 292-pound junior spoke about the transition, as well as what it's been like to now play every position along the offensive line.

On moving to center and starting at a fifth different position “It’s good. I love playing center. I think it’s a good fit. There’s nothing I don’t know play wise when it comes to play book at center. I was ready for another challenge and it sounded fun.”

On the first spring practice “It felt good. It felt great. It’s been a long time, like 10-12 weeks without football. We’re ready to get back and do it and have a god spring.”


On players adjusting to new and bigger roles “As coach Pete always says, it’s not a depth chart, it’s a seating chart. So everyone has a chance to play. People are getting chances to prove themselves in spring right now. Everybody’s going to have a role. It might change; nobody really knows. Everyone has to go out and compete.”


On his focus during the offseason “I just tried to gain a little more weight. It’s always nice to have a few more pounds when you’re going in the middle. And just you always have to get stronger and faster. Pretty much all around just doing the best I can.”


How did the switch come to be? “Coach Strausser brought it up to me but I totally was along with the ride; it sounded great and I realty wanted to do it. So it wasn’t anything I didn’t want to do; it was a totally mutual thing.”


On first impressions on center “You get to start the communication and all that but I was kind of used to that; I like doing that too. It feels nice. I like the fit.”


Are there certain things you’re focusing on this spring? “Definitely. It’s only been one day with me at center so I have to get as many reps as I can in before the season, get used to snapping with someone straight up in my face, just getting used to the motion and stuff like that. I’m definitely working on the snap aspect of standard.”


Are players starting to pick up on the hype surrounding the team? “We’re just really trying to improve. That’s our biggest goal. We’re not really trying to focus on outside influences or anything like that. Our biggest goal is to improve. If the media has something to say for us in the fall, we’re not really thinking about that. We’re thinking about the next practice.” Top Stories