VIDEO: Myles Gaskin - Spring Ball Day One

It was the first day of spring football at Washington, so spoke Monday with true sophomore running back Myles Gaskin. We talked to Gaskin about improving from year one to two, surprising himself last year with his impressive freshman campaign, and much more.

On the period of growth between freshman and sophomore year “Taking that leadership role definitely. I can’t say that much about it; this is only day in. The whole workouts and stuff, kind talking to guys who came in early like Daniel Bridge-Gadd and Taylor Rapp, all those guys. Being able to relate to those guys I think is a huge things. And not technically with the football piece, but with school and just being down here. I think that’s a major role.”


Can you use last year’s success as a springboard? “Of course but I don’t think that’s the success we wanted. Me personally, it’s still not the success I wanted either. That’s not the success I wanted. I wouldn’t call that success. We have a lot of room to grow and a lot of work to do.”


On playing football again “It feels great, man. All that in between time, working out without pads, no nothing – this is where a lot of us belong, playing football.”


How it feels to have a year under his belt “It feels good. You have to work on it. It’ nothing big; it’s the first day. But just being able to grow each and every day.”


What’s his ideal strength and weight? “I wasn’t really shooting for a number. I was just trying to be a lot stronger. Honestly, I’m not trying to put a cap on any of my weights. Just get better every single day. That’s how I look at it.”


Is there a point where you get too strong and lose quickness? I’m not close to that yet so I’m not worried about it. I’m 195 maybe so I have a lot of room to grow.”


Did you surprise yourself last year? “No. That was the plan from the jump, as soon as I signed the letter to come here. I have a lot of work to do like I’m telling everybody. Not really a surprise, that’s what I wanted to do.”


On Bishop Sankey and being compared to him “I actually took a physics class with him. Real good dude. Real kind of calm, just kind of laid back dude. Kind of ‘what’s up? How’re you doing?’ That’s a great comparison. He’s in the league doing his thing. I kind of want to be my own player, but he’s a great player. Great history back here when he was playing. It’s a great comparison.”


On the running back group here now “We have a lot of potential. Losing those guys (Dwayne Washignton and Deontae Cooper), I love those two; those are good dudes I’ve met and been able to grow with those guys and having them carry me along as the young guy. I really do miss them, but they had to go on and do what they had to do. The potential we’ve got in the room, Lavon (Coleman), Jomon “Juice” (Dotson), Logan (Hurst), Gavin (McDaniel), Ralph (Kinne), all those guys can do big things and I cant wait to see what it is.”


Did you see your name listed on the Heisman list in Vegas? “No I did not. That’s cool. Whatever. I’m worried about winning games. It is what it is.” Top Stories