VIDEO: Sidney Jones on Spring Ball, Day Two spoke Wednesday with junior cornerback Sidney Jones, who talked more about 'Death Row' and the expectations for the defense this spring.

On getting back out for spring “It feels good. Offseason workouts are kind of tough; we just want to play football. We’re back out here. Glad to be.”


On Death Row “Energy, we’re always excited, always turned up. One person makes a play, we’re all there to support them. Everything like that. Just great energy.”


Who’s the head of Death Row? “We don’t have a head. I don’t think we have a head. Everybody makes plays. We’re always together.”


On what he’s thinking about improving on “The little things, the details. The big things, you know, kind of already have that down pat. Just have to focus on the details, perfecting those things. Each practice watch the film, come back, make the corrections, and come back from there. “

Do you mentor the younger guys? “They’re coming along very well. Any time they do something that needs tweaking I help them out. Anything like that.”


On how the defense can improve on last year “Maybe tackling. We can always improve on tackling. I think we’re pretty decent at it, pretty good at it. Picks. Make every opportunity count. Just more turnovers. We want more of everything. We want to increase everything.”


Does the defense still have the underdog mentality after last year’s success? “We have more to prove. We aren’t done. We want to be the best in the nation. We have to come out and compete every day and get better.”


On the defensive backs being the vocal leaders “Big time. We just have to keep making improvements. If one person makes a play, you support them. You have to love them up. That’s how we bond together and come together.”

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