VIDEO: Greg Gaines on Day Two Spring Ball's Kim Grinolds spoke Wednesday to Washington sophomore defensive lineman Greg Gaines after the Huskies' second practice of Spring Football.

How does it feel to be back out there? “It’s good. Good to get back to playing some football, not just working out anymore.”


Do you get anxious for football when you can only lift and not hit? “Oh yeah. When it’s the offseason, you know, winter, we just work out the whole time. It’s like ‘I want to get out and play some ball.’ We do like OTAs sort of in the winter we call them. It’s a little football stuff, but no hitting, we don’t go against o-line at all, nothing like that. So it’s good to get out here.”


How much did playing last year build your confidence? “It helps me a lot because I have a little bit of an advantage from playing a little bit last year. I feel better.”


Compare Greg Gaines when he first got here to Greg Gaines now “I got here for summer conditioning my freshman year. I didn’t finish one summer workout. I barely finished each sprint, didn’t make my times, didn’t make any of those. But last summer I made all of my times.”


What did you weigh when you got here? “I was bout 327 I think.”


What do you weigh now? “Last season I was about 312. Now I’m about 320.”


How do you feel? “I feel better at 320 than I did at 310.”


On playing next to Elijah “It’s good. We did a little bit of that last year. We’d do me and Elijah together. I think it’s a good mix because we’re both good pass rushers and get a lot of good pressure in there. We’re good at stopping the run too.”


On goal line defense “On goal line we would probably bring Vita (Vea) in too and just kick ass and take some names. Goal line is really fun.


What are you trying to accomplish this spring? “I just want to get better. We’re going through the fundamentals with our new coach and learning some new stuff, new pass rush technique, stuff like that. I’m trying tot  work on all the fundamentals and get back to the basics.”


Is pass rush an emphasis for you? “Yeah definitely. Definitely working on my pass rush all the time. I think I’m pretty decent at stopping the run. I’m always working on that too. I’m really focusing a lot on pas rush this offseason.”


What’s hard about pass rush? “Inside pass rush, you can’t do as much finesse moves. You have to use a lot of power moves. It’s a different kind of rushing than on the edge. It seems like most people just focus on the edge rush, but interior is a lot different.”


Who’s going to break out this spring? “Probably some of the linebackers or Benning (Patoa’e) possibly. He’s playing defensive end now.”


Who’s giving you the hardest time on the offensive line? “Shane Brostek. Shane Brostek is going to be good this year.”


Are you going to grow your hair out? “No. No way. I keep my hair short. I might grow the beard out a bit. We’ll see.” Top Stories