VIDEO: Budda Baker on Spring Ball Day Two's Luke Mounger spoke Wednesday with junior safety Budda Baker after Washington's second day of Spring Football, held on the east field next to Husky Stadium.

Why does spring matter? “It matters because it helps us day by day. We’re not worried about the season. We’re not even worried about fall camp. We’re just worried about the next day. The next day’s Friday, next practice isFriday. We’re all going to compete FridaySaturday, and just keep it going.”


On his goal for the offseason “Exactly what you just said. That was my goal: to get bigger, stronger, faster. Not a lot of safeties are 170 (pounds) in Pac-12 football, so I’m trying to gain more weight, get faster, and get stronger. Then everything will take care of itself.”


On the defense having more room for improvement, even after last year’s success “I mean, we were good. But then again, what was our record? 7-6. We’re just trying to get better each day as a defense, get better as a team. Everything will take care of itself.”


On the secondary “We’re all just getting stronger, getting better, getting faster. We just can’t wait. The linebackers - everyone is getting better. Offense is getting better, defense is getting better. That’s how it goes.”


What do you want to get out of this spring? “I feel like for us as a whole team we want to take it day by day. It’s not about overall spring; it’s about day by day. Getting better each day. We’re just taking it day by day.”

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