VIDEO: Kevin King on Spring Ball, Day Two's Kim Grinolds spoke to senior cornerback Kevin King Wednesday after Washington's second day of spring football, held on the east field next to Husky Stadium.

What do you need to improve on technically? “Playing nickel there’s a lot of leverage and knowing where your help is and everything. But when you’re out there on an island, especially mono y mono, there’s a little different technique; you have to be more squared up, more mirroring a guy and everything. That just takes practice. Repetition, repetition. We’re getting it.”


Do you have the hip swivel “Oh yeah, definitely. My hips are sore from day one still. We’ve been lifting and stuff all season and trying to pack the pounds on and stuff. Then we come out here and are doing all this turning and stuff and my hips are sore right now. I just have to get in the ice tub and keep doing it day after day.”


Is it hard not hitting in practice? “We just have to train ourselves. We’re still going full speed, but at the same time we don’t want to hurt our guys. We don’t want anybody to get hurt out there. Both guys going for the ball, sometimes that just happens. That’s football; guys can get hurt doing anything. We just have to learn how to play smart. Even when we have the pads on we don’t want to blow anybody up. We’re trying to save our guys to win out there on Saturday.”


What’s the competition like in the defensive backfield? “It’s craxy. We have about 10 guys that could be starters in any PAC-12 team here. We just want to teach those guys. Me being a veteran with Sidney (Jones), Budda (Baker), G-Man (Darren Gardenhire), Trev (Trevor Walker), and Beav (Brandon Beaver), we just want to bring everybody along. We just want to teach them. When they get in, when they get their opportunities, there isn’t any drop off.”


Who’s pushing you right now? “I don’t really know. They’re changing a lot of depth charts around, especially in day two. I’m not really sure. It’s more of a seating chart rather than a depth chart. But all the young guys are good; they all are good.”


Which young guys have impressed you? “Jordan Miller had a good day out there today. He’s coming along good. He’s a guy with a similar body type as me, you know, tall, long. He’s a guy who I try to teach him how to use his height and his length to an advantage. That’s something he’s been improving on. Brandon Lewis is coming along tremendously. He’s out there competing and he’s really a guy that can get out there and do some good things for us.”


On the team chemistry “It’s crazy. We’re on the same page out there. Especially with the ones going out there. I know what the linebackers are doing. I know what Budda (Baker) is doing. We try to get that whole chemistry with the twos, the threes, the fours. Whoever get out there, we just call a coverage, and if they have a ‘W’ on their chest we know we all know it.”


Weird without Travis Feeney? “Every year we lose guys. It’s going to be weird for the first day or two. WE just have to get used to what we have now. We’re not going to miss a beat. I’m excited.”


What are you working on this spring? “Like I said, just trying to be a better corner. Trying to get my technique crisp. Just get a lot of repetitions, get out there, try some new things, get beat, and just get better.”


Do you like inside or would you like to go outside more “It doesn’t really matter. Whatever they need me as. Whatever they put me at I’m going to do to the best that I can.”


Are you going to the pro day tomorrow? “Oh yeah, of course. They were out there during the Husky Combine rooting us all on. I like to go to that every year because that’s a big day for them. That could change their lives tremendously. Give them the Husky support; Husky Nation is huge. Just go out there showing them the purple and gold, they’re still with us.”

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