VIDEO: Tani Tupou Pro Day Interview spoke with Tani Tupou after his Pro Day workout at the Dempsey Indoor Thursday. Was the 6-foot-2, 282-pound senior defensive tackle prospect happy with his performance? And what about trying his hand at fullback?

On working out at fullback - “Honestly it was whatever I can do to get myself out there on the field. I play d-line too, but whatever I can do to help a team out I’m cool with it.”

What were the emotions of the day? - “Honestly I was pretty nervous earlier in the day. As things got rolling I relaxed a little more - especially doing the routes and stuff. I just did my thing. But it’s fun because that’s how I am during games too. Just before I get nervous but then when that first hit comes I’m good to go.”

Ever think you’d get this chance to maybe play in the NFL? - “It was always a dream, and I’m trying to make that dream a reality. It’s pretty cool, so I’m just excited like I have been for the past couple years.”

Did you perform like you hoped you would? - “Yeah. I think there’s always room for improvement on things, but overall I think I had a pretty good performance overall. I’m excited.”

Did your play last year give you belief that you could make it as a pro? - “Definitely. Going into the season I told my Mom and coaches that my goal wasn’t to get to the NFL at the beginning of the season. It was to take each game one step at a time. Toward the end of the season I started to build upon it and believe. My focus was on the team and these guys, but our defense - we did our thing this year and I was really happy. At the end I’m able to pursue my dream.” Top Stories